The MIT Quarter Century Club QCC Board members Joe Collins and Richard Benford enjoy the opportunity to welcome new inductees to the Club.

Quarter Century Club
T: 617-253-7914

Mailing address
77 Massachusetts Avenue
MIT Room E19-711
Cambridge, MA 02139

Quarter Century Club
Board of Directors


Yvonne L. Gittens • President • Student Financial Services (retired)

Norman H. Magnuson, Jr. • Vice President • Department of Facilities

Bonny S. Kellermann • Treasurer • Resource Development

Nancy Murphy Crosby • Recording Secretary • MIT Alumni Association


Nancy J. Alusow (ex officio) • MIT Retirees Association Co-chair • Lincoln Laboratory

Richard L. Benford • Center for Space Research (retired)

Joseph S. Collins • MIT Alumni Association (retired)

Kathleen R. Doyle • Sloan School of Management (retired)

Felicia A. Gauthier • Lincoln Laboratory

Clarence A. Henniger • Campus Police

Samuel Jay Keyser • Linguistics and Philosophy

Member of the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra

JoAnn Lenzi • Haystack Observatory

Michael A. Lessard • Haystack Observatory

Jeffrey A. Meldman • Sloan School of Management

June R. Milligan • Copy Technology Centers

Linda Salza Olson • Community Services Office

Douglas J. Piercey • Lincoln Laboratory and
Haystack Observatory

All QCC members are eligible to be nominated to join the Board of Directors. If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact one of the current Board members or the Quarter Century Club office at 617-253-7914.

QCC Vice President Norman Magnuson greets members at the 2012 winter holiday gathering.QCC Vice President Norman Magnuson greets members at the 2012 winter holiday gathering.

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