Coach Jim Roselando, Jr.

Sifu Jim Roselando has been involved with the Chinese martial arts for over twenty years. He is a 6th generation disciple in the internal boxing art of Pin Sun Wing Chun under Master Sifu Henry Mui, and, a 4th generation disciple under Kulo boxing legend, Grandmaster Fung Chun.  JJR is a devoted practitioner of the natural Qigong methods of Yik Kam Wing Chun (snake chi) and medical Yiquan. JJR’s Qigong study has focused solely on what is known as Yang Sheng (life nourishing) methods! This specialized Qigong is often referred as the natural path!

Since establishing Apricot Forest Hall, JJR has taught and trained with people from around the globe in the arts of Pin Sun Wing Chun and natural Qigong. His Wing Chun articles have appeared inside such magazines as Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Of China Journal, Martial Arts Illustrated, Wing Chun Today, and, various contributions to Martial Arts Web Sites! JJR also assisted in the internationally sold Close Range Combat video series that were filmed in Madrid, Spain and Los Angeles, USA!

JJR’s Kulo Boxing Association is the headquarters for Kulo village Pin Sun Wing Chun in the USA. Currently, JJR is one of the few practitioners privately teaching the art of Master Leung Jan in the USA. JJR’s Kulo DVD & Kulo eBook are the first and only items to be approved by the Fung family of Kulo for sale to the public and have become true collectibles in the Wing Chun world! 

JJR’s personal Qigong training program popularity has exploded in recent years! JJR has refined his Yiquan Qigong training into the simplest and most effective core program! With fantastic results, and minimal effort required, soon many people were hooked on his teaching style and program! JJR’s Qigong is now being practiced at prestigious institutions such as M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) and at many other locations. There is no doubt why some say JJR and his friends are starting a Kung Fu/Qigong revolution! Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Bermuda, Wales, Australia and Holland are just a few places you can find people training Sifu JJR's Kung Fu & Qigong!

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