MIT Quidditch Team

Quidditch: Basic Rules

The full version of these rules can be found on the IQA website.


The Team

Each team is made up of 7 to 20 players. Only 7 of those players are in play at any given time.
Each team must have at least two female and two male players in play and on the field at all times.

All players on the field must have a broom between their legs at all times. Any play made without a broom in place does not count.
There are no time-outs, but players may substitute at any time.

The Set-up

On the pitch are two series of 3 hoops at three different heights. The pitch has outer bounds.
The game is played with 1 Quaffle, 3 Bludgers and 1 Snitch. The Snitch is carried around by a Snitch Runner, who runs away from the Seekers.

The Positions

3 Chasers move the Quaffle down the field by running and/or passing, with the aim of throwing or kicking it through the opposing team’s goal hoops. Each goal is worth ten points.

2 Beaters throw or kick the three Bludgers at opposing players in order to temporarily knock them out of play.
Players hit by a Bludger must dismount their brooms and touch their goal post. They are then allowed to remount the broom and re-enter play.

1 Keeper is responsible for defending his team’s hoops and preventing the other team from launching the Quaffle through them.
The Keeper is immune from Bludgers unless he/she leaves the Keeper zone to enter the play. In that case he/she becomes a Chaser.

1 Seeker chases down the Snitch Runner and tries to remove the Snitch from him/her. Once the Snitch is caught, the game ends and points are tallied up. The team that catches the Snitch receives fifty points.

Position Interactions

Players are forbidden to touch, kick, grab, pass, throw, or in any way use the ball of another position. In other words, only the Chasers and Keepers may touch the Quaffle, only the Beaters may touch the Bludgers, and only the Seekers can grab the Snitch.

Congratulations to those who noticed the differences with the magical world's rules: Gryffindor play with only two Bludgers and when Harry catches the Snitch, it is worth 150 points.

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