Medicine, Race, and Ethnicity
Conference Course for Undergraduates, Fall 1994
Prof. Warwick Anderson, History of Science, Harvard

This course surveys the medical and scientific constructions
of categories of race and ethnicity since 1800. We will
place the development of racial theories of disease in a
broad social and political context - and, in particular,
explain the medical salience of race in the setting of
slavery and colonialism. While the North American context is
emphasized, we will also discuss developments in the British
and French empires, and within Europe. You should note, too,
that exigencies of scheduling have meant that the focus of
this course is more on the invention of racial categories
than on racism in the actual delivery of health care --
though these subjects are not (and should not be) entirely

Assessment will be as follows:

Participation in sections 10%
Two class papers 20%
Midterm exam 30%
Final take-home exam 40%

September 20

September 22
Race before 1800; Exploration

September 27 
Race and slavery

September 29
The Enlightenment and Racial Classification; Great Chain
of Being

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October 4 
Monogenism; Blumenbach, Cuvier, Prichard, Lawrence

October 6 
Polygenism; Knot, Hunt

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October 13 
American School of Ethnology; Morton, Gliddon, Nott,

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Oct. 18 
Measurement; Phrenology and Pigmentation

Oct 20 
Racial Competition; Darwin, Wallace, Huxley

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Oct. 25 
Human Acclimatization

Oct. 27 
Racial Immunities

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Nov. 1 
Race and Venereal Disease

Nov. 3 
Race and Tuberculosis

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Nov. 8 

Nov. 10 
Mid-Term Exam

Optional Reading
Stuart Creighton Miller, The Unwelcome Immigrant: The
  American Image of the Chinese, 1785-1882.(Berkeley:
  UC Press, 1969), pp. 83-112.

Nov. 15 
Physical Anthropology; Beddoe, Haddon, Ripley, Keith

Nov. 17 
Degeneration and the War of the Races; Nordau, Lankester,
Chamberlain, Grant

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Nov. 22
British Eugenics; Galton, Pearson

Nov. 24 
American Eugenics; Davenport

Optional Section
Francis Galton, "Hereditary Talent and Character,"
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Francis Galton, "The Comparative Worth of Different
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Nov. 29 
Nazi Race Science

Dec. 1 
Cultural Anthropology and Environmentalism; Boas

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Dec 6 
Ethnicity; Park, Hogben, Huxley

Dec. 8 
On Human Diversity

W.E.B. DuBois, Conservation of Races, Occasional
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Dec. 13 
Guest Lecturer Anthony Appiah

Dec. 14 
Conclusion; Strategies of Identity
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