Music... the Elixir of Life!

    Carnatic Music (the classical music from South India) has been the mainstay of my life. Born and brought up in a "musical" environment, I learnt to play the violin... More of the dabbler than the seasoned veteran or professional, I enjoy listening to my collection of tapes and CDs whenever I get the chance.
-  K. V. S. Vinay
audio files 
-  Music India Online
-  Nada Anuboothi (D.L. Sivakumar)
-  Krithi Audio Archive (Shivkumar, RPI)
- (Ariyakudi, KVN site)
-  Sruti magazine
-  Out of this world! [The Hindu]
-  Master knows best [The Hindu] 
-  Carnatic Music Circle
-  Sloka Lyrics
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-  Compositions of Sri Saint Thyagaraja
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-  Compositions of Muthuswamy Dikshitar
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-  Compositions of Shyama Shastri
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official musician pages
-  U. Shrinivas (mandolin)
-  N. Ravikiran (chitravina)
-  T. M. Krishna (vocal)
-  Sanjay Subrahmanyan (vocal)
-  Neela Ramgopal (vocal)
musician pages
-  Madurai Mani Iyer (vocal)
raga appreciation
-  The Melakartha Ragams
-  Ragas and Compositions
tala appreciation

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