a biographical sketch

OK then... here goes... I hail from India, that beautiful country out in South Asia. Born in the Southern temple-town of Madurai, I have then moved around a lot. After brief stints at Bangalore, Madurai and New Delhi, my parents settled down in Madras.
The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, was my home away from home for four years (1995-99), while I completed my undergraduate education in the Department of Civil Engineering. I worked on some Structural Engineering problems involving earthquake design before catching a fancy for transportation systems operations and planning. I moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, and in 2002, completed my Masters degree in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems. I am currently immersed in doctoral research in the same field.
In the following links, I have tried to capture (both in words and on film!) my life and experiences... Try wading through, and hope you have a good time! Comments and suggestions are welcome, and may be sent to .  I'll try to keep pace with them and improve my pages...

A glimpse of my life at IIT Madras...

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, is one of the premier schools of engineering education in India. Set in about 630 acres of natural jungle, the calm and serene atmosphere lends an unparalleled environment for both academics and recreation. Nothing can beat getting up in the morning to stare into the liquid eyes of an ever-alert spotted deer bravely grazing a few feet away, just outside your window!

Proceed along to share my personal experiences during my brief four years at IITM...

Gagendra Circle, the sentinel at Delhi and Bonn Avenues
GC, and the Administrative Building

       Gajendra Circle... that all too familiar landmark that guards the departments...is the first sight that greets the strolling visitor as one bursts out from under the thick canopy of trees. Only a persevering cyclist labouring around the giant circle in a rush to beat the hostel mess queue can imagine the true size of this edifice. The twin elephants and water fountain are elaborately lit up during special occasions.

The Mandakats (residents of Mandakini Hostel, my dorm on campus).

Standing (left to right): Soap, Venki, Visa, Kaviraj, Teddy, Kiran, Adi, Rajasekhar, YSR, Mandu, Panga, Mama, Aattu, Pummy, GFC, Mod e, Vetri, Tom, DK, RK, Bulshi, Pain C and Bombay (myself).

Seated (?) (left to right): Arora, Dhan, Magu, Pavan, Saaraayam, Cow, Drago, Vishal, dino, Godi, Merugu, Nitrous and Vithal

(For more info on nicknames, ask a seasoned veteran of the IITM system!)


The CEA Fest'99 Core Group

Front Row (Left to Right): PVenky, Vetri, Saravanan, Tills, Dumb, Dino, Bombay and Siva

Standing: Ravikanth, Dr. Kumar Pitchumani and Sahana

News Flash! Civilians shot in peace-time!

A section of the (proud?) Civil Engineering Graduates, at the Convocation. (Class of '99)

Mostly Massachusetts!

(Left to right): Teddy, Saravanan, Bakri, Drago, Bombay, Siva and Dhananjay

With a couple of exceptions, this group headed out to universities in the State of Massachusetts...


The IITM Alumni Association of North America (IITMAANA)

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