About Us

Random Hall is NOT MIT's smallest dormitory, providing housing for 93 residents. We're located just north of campus at 290 Massachusetts Avenue in the great city of Cambridge, MA. We're Building NW61 on the MIT campus map.

Random Hall was dedicated in 1968 on Leap Year's Day, and is now one of two undergraduate dorms on the northern side of the MIT campus. (Simmons is the other one.) Our location near Central Square makes shopping and traveling through the entire Cambridge-Boston area extremely convenient. The MBTA Red Line and local H-mart are just a few blocks away, and Star Market, open daily until midnight, is right behind us.

Random is divided into eight "floors," each taking up half of a physical floor of the dorm. Think two stacks of four donuts each--that'll give you the right mental picture. Each floor houses between 3 and 14 residents, has a complete kitchen with stove, microwave, dishwasher, and up to four refrigerators, and also has two private bathrooms and a lounge. Four of the floors are co-ed, two are all-female, and the other two are designated as all-male floors.

In the basement one can find a computer room, a workshop, a darkroom, a trunk room, Random's MITnet printer, a music practice room, an EE Lab, a weight room, a game area with a punching bag and pool table, and the Alice in Wonderland Theater. Our three washers and four dryers, which residents can all use for free, are also located in the basement; their status can be checked online. The first floor features a large lounge where weekly study-breaks are held, as well as a 25-inch Sony stereo television.

Our front desk sorts mail, runs soda fridge, lends movies, checks out shop keys, and provides sewing machines and/or vacuums to the hole-y and dust-ridden. On our roof we also have a wooden roofdeck with tables, chairs, and a grill -- perfect for picnics, meteor-gazing, movie-watching, boffer-fighting, or even tooling.

If you're planning on coming to Random Hall or even MIT in the fall, please check out the Random Hall Blog, full of such goodies as the MIT experience and Randomites being Randomites. And if you have any questions about Random Hall, feel free to e-mail us -- we love meeting prefrosh and are always looking to add to our community. :)