Floor Descriptions


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Bonfire is the top floor in Random Hall. Their parties are the classiest, their floor dinners have made lesser cooks weep in jealousy, and their study breaks are the stuff of legend.

At any given time Bonfire might be a silent place of study or a party full of people from all corners of campus. In the morning, you may hear anything from Classical Music to Screamo. If you come back later in the morning, you might hear Bonfaari in their grave discussions of current events, life’s deepest mysteries, and problem sets. Late into the morning, as the moon hangs over Random Hall, ICEy sCREAMs can be heard from the mysterious hooded figures who gather in the lounge, whispering strange secrets to unknown gods as they munch on the night's snack–rifices.

It's always morning on Bonfire.


Learn more about Pecker

Pecker is a cabal of nerdy, ham-fisted theorists. Pecker residents obsess over contract bridge conventions, host both graduate and undergraduate informal lectures. and run board game events nearly every Friday, thus celebrating our nerdiness in a myriad of ways.

Pecker is also known for housing The Milk, best consumed by October 20, 1994. (At this point it is probably older than at least half the dorm.) We have a lounge with a chalkboard and couches and what was, for one glorious semester, a costume closet. In the kitchen, the Pecker refrigerators are named after the fates of their users -- though we are still investing the nature of Death by Metastable Vacuum.


Learn more about Clam

Due to its strategic location at the only useful hole in Random's firewall and its population of technophiles, Clam acts as Random's social and entertainment nexus. Clam Floor's residents are an eclectic mix of engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, with interests ranging from video games to sports to group cooking. Clam is also home to the central development center of n-games, the Institute of Troll Studies, and one of the world's largest board game and video game console stockpiles.

Once every few months, Clam hosts Clopen Mic Night, with such titillating acts as "taylors demonstrating the sending an email" and "someone doing a dramatic reading of Feynman-Feynman slash" (that's Feynman/Feynman, for those of you more used to the usual notation). Occasionally Clam also torments our Area Director and the Random Hall GRTs by recruiting them to play Four Swords, a Legend of Zelda derivative game that results in much crushing, cursing, and all-around entertainment for all.


Learn more about BMF

We do a lot of cooking—whether we’re learning how to use the tea kettle to boil water to pour over our dry-af extra spicy instant ramen, whipping up some Flour Bakery focaccia, or stuffing black sesame tangyuan by hand for Chinese New Year.

We also love to paint, draw, write, play piano, violin, and guitar, drink tea, go hacking, build (and break) things, and watch movies. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together, listening to all types of music, psetting, and cooking food. And, like most floors, we enjoy the occasional spicy meme.

We’ve got a maybe 1 (?), a 2, a 3, two 4’s, three 5’s, three and a maybe 6 (decisions are hard), a maybe 7, three 8’s, a 9, an 11 (maybe…), maybe a 12 (idk man), a 16, one (or maybe two… or three) 18’s, and maybe a 69 or a 420 (lel jk but seriously, we’re diverse).

We also love cats and puppies, but we’re not allowed to have any so Miranda bought 7 gold fish and a stuffed polar bear.


Learn more about Loop

Loop is a tight-knit community of women with an eclectic mix of majors, minors, hobbies, sexual orientations, and tastes in movies. We have three cats who range in attitude from promiscuously cuddly to lovably standoffish. In our kitchen, which studies show features the cleanest water in Random, you can find us baking, pan-frying dumplings, singing along to musicals, and having conversations both fascinating and silly. Our interests span such diverse topics as physics, political philosophy, feminism, linguistics, video games, chocolate, space, and books (we have a substantial book collection right here in our lounge!).

Loop is a fairly insular floor, but this does not mean we are not sociable. We love to watch cartoons and queer movies in our lounge and hold delicious vegetarian floor dinners. We are civically involved, with more than five residents on ExecComm, JudComm, and holding chairships in Random, and several residents with positions at the UA, The Tech, and Solidarity MIT. We also have the most MIT Science Fiction Society keyholders per capita of any floor in Random.

Loop Floor: Come for the cats, stay for the social awareness.

Black Hole:

Learn more about Black Hole

Black Hole is a group of guys and girls obsessed with all things nerdly: tabletop roleplaying, building electronics, building nifty things with wood and whatever materials we find at hand, beating video games utterly, cooking, coding, sewing (lots of medieval garb), writing new nerd jokes, painting, beating each other up with padded sticks, watching anime, and even tooling once in a while. While we all have very eclectic interests, the people of Black Hole share a very strong sense of community, which includes the official floor residents, friends who spend time on our floor, and significant others of residents. Most of us spend our time at home (read: Black Hole) nerding, tooling, or procrastinating with the best into the wee hours of morning (or occasionally afternoon). If you enter Black Hole, prepare to be disturbed, perturbed, amused...and perhaps even stuck here forever with no escape.


Learn more about Destiny

Destiny: here reside Asians, Mexicans, Canadians, Nigerians, Texans, and despite being an all-male floor, a healthy amount of ladies. We love making off-, and on-, color jokes, video games, and just hanging out. A warning to the sensitive, our humor tends toward the caustic. You're not welcome here until we welcome you.

On the up side, we have two 52" HDTVs, thousands of watts of audio power, two media servers, and the highest refrigerator to resident ratio. We have plenty of involvement in dorm politics and proudly host our semi-annual movie night amongst a myriad of other events.

We also like Taylor Swift, and worship her on our kitchen television.


Learn more about Foo

Unlike the typical 14-student floor, Foo is home to only three undergrads. Because of this, the culture of the floor is extremely volatile. Foo has recently gained independence from Destiny and now consists mostly of Dalton, who occasionally deigns to play DM for a bunch of nooblings, Xhi Dae, who looks like his hair caught fire recently, and Clint, who occasionally leaves his room to make old man jokes and chase kids off his lawn.

Recently, Foo got a new set of couches that, while not very comfortable to sit on, are great for jumping on and still need to be broken in. The rest of the dorm also likes to abuse our kitchen because many dorm-wide food events take place in the main lounge -- but if you leave dirty dishes in the sink, we will find you and kill you. Or maybe just publicly ridicule you.