Friendly Neighbors

Random Hall is filled with friendly upperclassmen (and, we hope, friendly freshmen too), who are good not only for hanging out but also for getting academic help and general advice. Randomites are more than happy to help with understanding problem sets, studying for tests, and just figuring out how things work. Because we have a variety of majors and interests, there's almost always someone able to help. Our expertise, however, do not start and end in the realm of academics.

Randomites form a tight community and are always there for one another. You can be sure to find someone to help you adjust to college life, deal with academic pressure, handle problems back at home, etc.


Random's three friendly Graduate Resident Tutors are neither academic tutors (though they, like our other residents, will usually help with academics if asked) nor rule-enforcers. They do add sanity and something resembling an adult presence to the floors. Often seen as "big brothers," (in the friendly sibling sense, not the Orwellian sense) they are there to talk to when you need it.

Heads of House

The Heads of House are the dorm's adults; they live with us, offer advice and counseling, sponsor dorm events, and are a liason to the Deans, MIT Medical, the faculty, and the administration. Random’s Heads of House care deeply about students' mental and physical health, and they’re here to support Randomites during tough times as well as share in the happy moments. You can stop by their apartment on the first floor anytime to chat about your challenges, struggles, and victories at MIT. As the new Heads of House, they enter Random this year with excitement, curiosity, and a friendly little dog.


SocComm makes life at the Institute a tad bit more fun by providing residents with parties, dinners, trips, and other miscellaneous fun activities. Whether kickin' it old school on the dance floor, driving to New Hampshire to look at the fall leaves, or just chillin' in the basement with some food and games, SocComm is there to serve!


Random is ruled by the Executive Committee, lovingly known as ExecComm. Most of Random's governing structures have 'Comm' in their names because none of us can spell comiteee. ExecComm is composed of the 'High Council' and non-voting positions. The High Council has a president, vice-president/treasurer, secretary, two side-representatives from the 290 side, and two side representatives from the 282 side. The non-voting positions include SocComm (planning social functions); Video Chair (acquiring movies for our library); Rush Chair; Laundry Empress (males can be Empresses, too); and Earth, Wind & Fire God (watering the plants and take care of the grill on the roofdeck).

Our government is far from oppressive and is very open to input from everyone. Many freshmen are elected to positions in their first term.


JudComm is the judiciary branch of our dorm government. Its members provide arbitration in disputes and enforce dorm rules (of which there are very few). Most dorm problems can be handled internally, generally without even involving JudComm.

Study Breaks

Almost every Thursday of term, the residents of Random gather for food and a break from studying. Each floor is responsible for organizing one study break a term (the dorm supplies the monetary funds). In more recent years our study break themes have included:
  • Freedom -- freedom fries, freedom toast, freedom-roasted coffee, etc.
  • Summer and swimsuits
  • Pi-themed -- "the cake is a pie"
  • The Hypocritical Neovictorian Puritanical High Counsel[sic] of Loop Floor
  • Foods taken literally -- ice cream sandwiches with sandwich bread, cakes served from pans, etc.
  • Pumpkin everything

Random's Major Distribution

Random Hall Major Distribution