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The layout of our building is somewhat confusing, so here is a three-dimensional view of the floors of the building, linked to brief descriptions of each floor. Also marked are places of special interest, like our shop, and one instance of each kind of room, which are also linked to descriptions.



Our rooms are of five types, identified by the last digit of their room number. Each type of room has its own quirks and personality but every room has, for each occupant, one network connection, and an MIT standard desk, chair, bookcase, dresser and bed. In addition, rooms are generally personalized by their residents to some degree, the redecoration ranging from posters on the wall to complete paint jobs and replacement furniture, often built by the students.

Room Types

One Rooms are singles in the front of the building, facing Mass Ave.
Two Rooms are doubles next to the one rooms, also facing out to the street.
Three Rooms are singles which look out onto the air and light shafts in the middle of the building.
Four Rooms are singles divided into two halves by arches, and also look out on the shafts.
Five Rooms are divided doubles with outside windows facing the back of the building. Each five room has a large half, typically occupied by an upperclassman, and a small half, typically occupied by a freshman.


Aside from the physical facilities of our building, Random has some unique features due to its location as well. We are located northwest of main campus, on the edge of Central Square. A great benefit of this is that we are very close to a large number of restaurants, which are, in many cases, cheaper and better quality than the on-campus dining options. Added to this is the fact that we have plenty of kitchen space and a supermarket just around the corner, so many of our residents don't eat on campus at all. We are also quite close to the Central Square T stop, making us the closest dorm to a T stop of all of the dorms west of Mass. Ave.

The idea of living "off campus" often raises a couple of questions: "Isn't it a long way to walk to campus?" and "Do you feel safe being off campus?". To answer the first question, we are only a five minute walk from Lobby Seven, which is exactly the same distance as Burton Connor, one of the closer of the West Campus dorms. As far as safety is concerned, we have had no problems. The walk from campus to Random is entirely along Mass Ave, a busy, populated street, which can make it a lot safer than walks along smaller roads, such as Memorial Drive and Amherst Alley, routes to the West Campus dorms, after dark.


Random is one of three dorms blessed with a roofdeck. We use our roofdeck to show movies during rush, for occasional parties and barbeques, and as a nice place to hang out.

Main Lounge

Our main lounge, located on Foo Floor, is the venue for most of the large gatherings that take place, including parties, dorm government meetings, and group homework sessions, to name a few. The main lounge also contains a kitchen (behind a bar known, of course, as the Foo bar), a TV, and our homebuilt 24-inch subwoofer.

EE Lab

Located in the back of our basement is the student-built electrical engineering lab. The lab, which is funded by the dorm government, has various test equipment, facilities to print circuit boards, and a prodigious quantity of supplies.


Random has a small but well stocked shop in the basement, equipped with a table saw, drill press, and scroll saw, along with a set of pneumatic tools and an air compressor, plus a fairly complete selection of hand tools, powered and otherwise, good for just about any fairly small project.


Random's world-renowned laundry room has three washers and four dryers, which residents may use for free. More importantly, all of the machines are wired to a server which allows us to know via the internet which machines have been on, and for how long. Unlike other dorms, we own and maintain our own laundry machines, allowing us to choose the price of a load of laundry, which we have currently set to free.

Music Room/Basement Kitchen

The kitchen in the basement is rarely used for cooking, but it contains an upright piano with a collection of sheet music, and our ping-pong table.

Alice in Wonderland Lounge/Theater

The Alice in Wonderland lounge (so named due to its undulating purple and black floor and low ceiling) contains most of our recreational facilities: pool table, air hockey table, and foosball table. The Alice in Wonderland lounge is also the location of our dorm's theater, which has a projector, DVD and VHS players and a Bose sound system.

Weight Room

Random's weight room is set up with all kinds of fitness equipment: free weights, a weight machine, a treadmill, a mini trampoline, and an exercise bike.

Trunk Room

Random has a large space in the basement dedicated to storage of residents' excess posessions, from trunks to computer boxes.


Random's student-staffed front desk lends movies, vacuum cleaners, and sports equipment to residents. Due to MIT's new security policy it no longer offers security, but continues to maintain the guest list for non-residents who are theoretically allowed into the building without an accompanying resident.