REX 2016

Monday, August 22
Event Title Description Time
Telephone Pictionary Is that a rampaging dinosaur breathing acid on a girl eating a hot dog? Or is it a dragon trying to make friends with a guy playing a harmonica? 19:17 - 20:17
Tuesday, August 23
Event Title Description Time
Tragedy Looper What if you could travel back in time to prevent a tragedy? In Tragedy Looper, a time-loop deduction board game, you do just that. Unfortunately, you don't know who is who, what is what, or even how to win. Can you escape the cycle of terror? 19:17 - 22:17
Wednesday, August 24
Event Title Description Time
Minecraft! Come play on our Minecraft Server! Check out our blocky version of Random Hall and play Survival, Creative, or UltraHardCore modes! 19:17 - 21:17
Thursday, August 25
Event Title Description Time
Cards Against Humanity Pictionary Why play regular Pictionary when you could be drawing things like MechaHitler, being on fire, a middle aged man on roller skates, raptor attacks, children on leashes, or chainsaws for hands? A hilarious mix of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary! Shenanigans will ensue. 19:17 - 20:17
Friday, August 26
Event Title Description Time
Monty Python Quote-A-Long Spam spam spam spam cheese shop and spam spam hovercraft full of eels and spam spam spam and the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow. Oh, and spam. 19:17 - 21:17
Saturday, August 27
Event Title Description Time
Pet Food or Baby Food? Is It Pet Food Or Baby Food? Can you tell the difference? 14:47 - 15:47
Character Building So what’s your dump stat? Come find out how many natural 20s you rolled at birth in a series of grueling physical and mental challenges designed to determine your real life DnD base skill modifiers! 15:47 - 17:47
Random Chess Do you like chess? Do want to learn how to make chess even more awesome? Play random chess, twin chess, bughouse chess, anti-chess, bidding chess, monster chess, or any chess you can dream of! 17:47 - 18:47
LoveCrafting Make that cuddly Eldritch Horror friend you've always wanted! Rend some plushies asunder and reform them in your own image! A dog head here, some bat wings there, a lizard tail to pull the whole thing together and ta da! Perfection. 18:47 - 20:47
Classy Jazz Lounge Relax with classy upperclassmen in Bonfire lounge while smooth jazz plays in the background and appetizers are served. Black tie not required, but we'll certainly be dressed up. 20:47 - 21:47
Werewolf Smoothies Come drink smoothies as you play One Night Ultimate Werewolf, a game similar to Mafia. 21:47 - 22:47
Nerdy Sing-a-long It's hard to overstate my satisfaction with how much this event is fulfilling in creative ways. If hopes and dreams are shattering apart, remember it's gonna be the future soon, so press up B and be still alive. 22:47 - 23:47
Sunday, August 28
Event Title Description Time
Dumpling Hylomorphisms Anamorphism: the building up of a structure. Catamorphism: the consumption of a structure. Hylomorphism: both an anamorphism and a catamorphism. This event? A hylomorphism on dumplings. Come learn to make them, or just perform a metabolic reduction on food. (Vegan + Carnivorous options available) 12:17 - 14:17
Chemistry and Cake Cake is yummy. Chemistry is fun. Come eat cake and learn chemistry and about course 5! 12:47 - 14:17
Hair to Dye for Is your current hair color too boring and natural? Then come and dye it any or all of the colors in the rainbow! (Feel free to come in at any time during the event.) 14:17 - 17:47
LN2 Ice Cream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Served steaming cold. 14:17 - 16:17
Math and Tea Do you like Math? Do you like tea and cookies? If you answered yes, you should come to one of Random's most iconic REX events. 14:17 - 16:17
Spinning on the Roofdeck Learn to spin balls on strings around your head without hitting yourself! Come hang out on our lovely roofdeck and learn the basics of the ancient art of Poi! 15:17 - 16:17
Competitive Fanfiction! Who makes a better couple, Kylo Ren and Alexander Hamilton, or Luna Lovegood and Xena the Warrior Princess? Come help us find out by writing flash fiction and voting in our bracket to determine the ULTIMATE PAIRING OF ALL TIME!!!! 16:17 - 17:47
Clam Bake Grab your favorite pot and satisfy your munchies on Clam. We've got the brownies, the hash (browns) and more! (No drugs, just good food and bad puns.) 16:20 - 17:47
CS and Juice Listen to Randomites talk excitedly about Computer Science while solving the knapsack problem of your stomach and several varieties of sugary goodness. 19:17 - 22:17
Sushi Making Is going to pika too far? Let's make & eat sushi in Random instead! 19:17 - 21:17
Important Bonfire Ballots One of the proudest traditions of Random Hall, and Bonfire in particular, is the Important Bonfire Ballot. When a Bonfaar has a burning question in need of an answer, they turn to the wisdom of their peers by emailing out an Important Bonfire Ballot. Find out what deep mysteries countless Bonfaari have wondered about, and share your own answers to the great philosophical dilemmas that have long plagued our floor! 21:17 - 22:17
Advanced Mario Kart 200 cc or bust. You'll be going so fast that you eat your own dust, and learn how to drift perfectly around corners and mess up a certain red-hatted plumber. 22:17 - 24:47
Storytime with Cruft "Cruft, n.: (1) An old piece of computer equipment, possibly useless, that keeps hanging around. (2) An old alum." Come hear stories from back in the day, when things were more hardcore. 22:17 - 24:17
Midnight Chef It's midnight, the supermarket is closed, but you're hungry. Let's go to the gas station and try making a three course meal. 24:17 - 26:17
Monday, August 29
Event Title Description Time
Clam Olympics The ancient tradition of the Olympics began with the Greeks. After a long time of people forgetting about it, it was first fully re-birthed into its more modern form in 1896. Since then it has been held around the globe. This year, the Olympics are being held in Random Hall. Come compete in the Clam Olympics and attempt to bring home a medal! We're totally licensed by the IOC. 16:17 - 17:17
Cookies and Smut Listen to the finest Viking romance novels and eat delicious warm chocolate chip cookies. Feel the horriblehorriblehorrible sensation of rivulets of chocolate dripping down your throat and discover Thor's magnificent hammer! 18:47 - 19:47
Minion Dominion: Going BANANAAAAS! The world has gone BANANAAAS! Minions are dominating the Earth! Come be despicable; decorate banana flavored goods despicably Minion-like in support of this new ruling. 18:47 - 19:47
Battleship Twister Blue 4! Red 2! You sunk a frosh! Play a game of battleship where you're the ships and the grid is a twister board. 19:47 - 20:47
Epic Mealtime of Destiny Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips 19:47 - 21:47
Queer Ladies Movie Night Watch classic queer movies centered around LGBTQ women and make your own pride flag cookies! People of all genders and sexualities welcome. 20:47 - 24:17
Rocky Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog Come yell Rocky style callouts at Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day while watching this quirky comedy. 21:47 - 22:47
Tuesday, August 30
Event Title Description Time
Cardboard! You are a frosh. You probably have too many boxes. You should come and learn what to do with all of them (along with a copious amount of duct tape)! We'll make excellent things-- from useful things like tissue box dispensers, which will periodically dispense empty tissue boxes, to miscellaneous fun things I haven't thought of! 12:47 - 13:47
Nacho Optimization The power to make nachos is one of the unsung privileges of adulthood. But which cheese? Which chips? Someone who has spent way too much time experimenting on nachos will guide you as you design the bowl that is right for you. 12:47 - 13:47
Crazy Cat Lady Make-a-thon Do you like cats? Do you need convincing that cats are the best? Come meet the cats of Random Hall! Make them toys! Eat yummy treats with them! Become their pets? Enjoy the furry and purring creatures! 18:47 - 20:17
Physics and Fizzy Drinks Did you know that surface tension effects mean that CO2 dissolved in soda is in a metastable solution state? If you want to know what those words mean, or just want to enjoy soda and chips, come on over to one of Random Hall's traditional REX activities. 18:47 - 20:17
Nekomimi Maid Cafe Come to Random to be served delicious food by maids with cat ears! kawaii neko maid cafe (=^-.-^=)/ nyaa~ 20:17 - 22:17
Bonfire Night Come light up Bonfire and raise the lounge temperature to uncomfortably warm! There will be bouncy lights and glow-in-the-dark things, and maybe even loud music. 22:17 - 25:17
Milk and Cookies Storytime Against Humanity Quick! Tell us a story involving being a motherf*cking sorcerer, racially biased SAT questions, and...bees? 22:17 - 23:47
Wednesday, August 31
Event Title Description Time
DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES WITH FIERCE BLASTS OF DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE Come join the Random faction as we prepare to march to victory at the water wars! Cover yourself in war-paint! Prepare flying aqueous projectiles! Create funnelators of doom and deathiness! Unleash your inner berserker! 10:17 - 11:17
DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES 2: AQUATIC BOOGALOO Meet us at Random for some last-minute prep before we head to the water war! We'll be leaving for Killian at 6:15 sharp, so if you're running late just join us there! 17:45 - 18:15
Thursday, September 1
Event Title Description Time
LN2 Truffles Ganache - 196 Kelvins = Delicious! Come freeze your own truffles in a bowl of liquid nitrogen. 12:17 - 14:17
Smash Shit Need a way to relieve some stress? Want to unleash your inner destructive spirit? Come use sledgehammers and smash your problems into submission. 12:17 - 14:17
Random Hallsmeade Come and watch Harry, Ron, and Hermione face werewolves, dementors, and escaped convict Sirius Black while enjoying some of the treats you may find in Hogsmeade! 14:17 - 16:47
RuPaul's Drag Race Shantay, You Stay! Come let us do your costume and makeup and turn you into a fabulous glamazon covergirl ready for the runway! Compete to become Random Hall's next drag superstar! And DON'T f*ck it up! 14:17 - 16:17
CHEEEEEEESE Have you ever wanted to attend a fancy cheese tasting event? Now you can! We'll have many kinds of cheese, bread, fruit, and cider for you to sample. 18:47 - 19:47
Practical Algorithms Algorithms can run on more than just computers - try them out yourself! Learn how to sort lists, multiply integers, find paths through graphs, and match regular expressions, all as fast as possible. You'll get an intuitive understanding of how computers solve different tasks, and some of the pros and cons of each. 18:47 - 20:47
Fiddler on the Roofdeck Do you love latkes? Miss matzah ball soup? Come eat home-cooked Jewish food and watch Fiddler on the Roof on Random's roofdeck! Being Jewish not required. 19:47 - 21:47
Nerf Chess You know what chess needs more of? NERF GUNS! Shoot your opponent to make it your turn. Guaranteed to be cognitive overload. 20:47 - 21:47
(Almost) Life-Size Settlers of Catan Come play (almost) life-sized Settlers of Catan! Hoard (and eat, when it's not your turn) marshmallow "sheep," pretzel "wheat," oreo "iron," and graham-cracker "bricks"! Trade them with your neighbors, or foil their plans and keep everything for yourself. Build roads, villages, and cities! 21:47 - 25:47
Reverse Turing Test Can you be the next Cleverbot? Compete with other humans and robots to see who can imitate a chatbot the best, or help us tell the real computers apart from the impostors! Please bring a laptop if you'd like to compete, preferably with an IRC client installed (we can help you get set up). 21:47 - 23:47
Friday, September 2
Event Title Description Time
Mountain Dew Connoisseurs We're all civilized people here. Lets act like it. Come down to Random Hall and sample a flight of our distinctive Mountain Dews. While tasting a selection of our tempting Mountain Dew varieties, cleanse the palate with our menu of small bites. 12:47 - 13:47
Sexy Sexy HASS Discussion Circle Have thoughts about the way video editing in porn influences our perceptions of gender roles? Excited about polyamorous marriage and crossdressing in 1920s Germany? Got a theory as to why webcomics are so conducive to queer erotica? Come chat about all the sexiest bits of the humanities at MIT! 12:47 - 13:47
Random Jam Heads of House Laurie and Jared love to play music and will host a REX jam session -- unstructured, freeform, any noises count as instruments, just a good ol' wild time. They have a bunch of percussive instruments, and students can also bring any instruments/objects they want to make noises with as well. 13:47 - 16:47
LN2 Ice Cream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Served steaming cold. 13:47 - 14:47
FRYday Remember those state fairs? Well it's going to smell just like that (minus the animals) and have all the same delicious fried foods you could ever want. 14:47 - 17:47
Ceiling Tile Painting Did you know that gullible is written on the ceiling? And that's not the only thing that can be if you come decorate one of Random Hall's ceiling tiles! 16:47 - 17:47
Applied Knot Theory An introduction to the art of tying knots and people in practical and ornamental ways. Our knowledge of knots is not for naught. I can knot understand how anyone could knot be excited. 17:47 - 18:47
How To Not Starve So mum's left you here with a pineapple, some plastic wrap, and $20 for food. Come learn how to fend off the hunger once the free food events run out. 17:47 - 19:47
Bondage Jenga Jenga, the fun way! Try not to knock over the tower while slowly becoming more and more tied up! Play cooperatively or competitively! 18:47 - 19:47
Pecker Board Game Night Build a Dominion in Puerto Rico comprised of Seven Wonders, then Race to the Galaxy and help the Twilight Imperium crush the Resistance. Through the Ages, board games have been an Innovation Random Hall has enjoyed. Come and play the various board games we've acquired! 19:47 - 23:47