CPW 2015

Thursday, April 16
Event Title Description Time
Knitting Circle Taqueria Hello lovelies. You are cordially invited to the knitting circle and tea tasting, as a welcome break from your hectic weekend. The tinkle of needles at work and relaxing pouring of tea shall sooth your soul. 2) Mi casa es su casa. Come to Random for a delicious, full-on taqueria experience. 14:17 - 16:17
Computer Science and Juice w/ LN2 ice cream and then Randomized Algorithms Bobby walks down the aisle at Shaw's, trying to pick the optimal set of juices to buy. He can't buy pomegranate juice without something sweeter to mix it with, like apple or orange, but if he buys orange juice, he won't buy orange mango as well...uh oh. Bobby smells a boolean satisfiability problem to solve. (Liquid nitrogen ice cream will be served, and afterwards pit yourself against your friends to see who has the fastest clock speed) 15:47 - 18:47
Clam Olympics The ancient tradition of the Olympics began with the Greeks. After a long time of people forgetting about it, it was first fully re-birthed into its more modern form in 1896. Since then it has been held around the globe. This year the Olympics are being held in Random Hall. Come compete in the Clam Olympics and attempt to bring home a medal! We're totally licensed by the IOC. 18:17 - 19:17
Chemistry and Cake w/ LN2 ice cream continued Cake is yummy. Chemistry is fun. Come eat cake and learn chemistry and about course 5! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream will be served 19:17 - 20:17
Welcome Ceremony 20:30 - 21:30
BBQ and Spinning on the Roofdeck w/ Giga Curry Discover the art of making poi swoosh around your body! The hard part is not hitting yourself in the head with a sock full of birdseed. Also, come meet your meat on our roof deck and take in the fine Cambridge skyline. Giga curry will be served from Black Hole. 21:47 - 24:47
Five SCPs at Freddy's Ever want to see all of the fuss about Five Nights at Freddy's, SCP: Containment Breach, and other horror games is? Play, scream, and experience the spookiness with us! 22:47 - 24:47
Crazy Cat Lady Make-A-Thon Make cat toys with yarn and cat supplies! See how long your toy lasts and how much the cats like to play with it!!! Meet the crazy cat ladies of Loop. 23:47 - 24:47
Friday, April 17
Event Title Description Time
CPW Welcome 10:00 - 11:00
Nerf Chess You know what Chess needs? THE SHEER ADRENALINE OF DODGING NERF DARTS WHILE PLAYING. 11:17 - 12:17
Dumpling Hylomorphisms Anamorphism: the building up of a structure. Catamorphism: the consumption of a structure. Hylomorphism: both an anamorphism and a catamorphism. This event? A hylomorphism on dumplings. Come learn to make them, or just perform a metabolic reduction on food. 12:17 - 14:47
Physics and Coffee When a system of prefrosh and advanced physics are exposed to caffeine particles and cookie-ons, a rapid transit of energy levels from ground to excited state can be observed. Come verify this hypothesis with us! 14:17 - 16:17
Rocky Horrible's Nerdy Singalong Blog w/ LN2 ice cream Have beloved memories of Dr. Horrible? Not after this event, you won't. Come join us in yelling obscenities at a perfectly nice Sing-Along Blog that has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Then, sing along with us! LN2 ice cream will be served. 15:47 - 17:47
mitBEEF Roll your own beef meatballs and eat a hearty dinner! While they're cooking, we'll sing beef carols together and maybe write some new ones. mitBEEF is a club dedicated to educating the MIT community about all things bovine. Vegetarian options will be provided. 17:00 - 18:00
Math and Tea Math is Beautiful, Cookies are sweet, Tea is calming Math is Beautiful, Cookies are calming, Tea is sweet Math is sweet, Cookies are calming, Tea is Beautiful Math is sweet, Cookies are Beautiful, Tea is calming Math is calming, Cookies are Beautiful, Tea is sweet Math is calming, Cookies are sweet, Tea is Beautiful Come enjoy all S_3! 17:47 - 20:47
Star Trek on Infinite Loop Trekkies and new viewers unite! Come watch a few classic episodes, enjoy themed food and drink, and play with some of Loop's very own tribbles. 20:47 - 22:47
Duct Tape Construction w/ Cookies by Committee What has a light side and a dark side and holds bad nerd jokes together? The force, and also duct tape! Come make stuff out of it! Also construct cookies in Foo: Everyone will name an ingredient and an amount, and we'll see what cookies we get! 21:47 - 23:47
PowerPoint Karaoke + Latte Art Are you ready for your presentation? What do you mean "what presentation"? \Yes, right now! What, you've never seen these slides before? No problem! Powerpoint Karaoke: we've got random slides you've never seen before, and it's your turn to present! Also, take latte art lessons and get your daily dose of caffeine while expressing your inner creativity. 22:47 - 24:47
Saturday, April 18
Event Title Description Time
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cartoons w/ Ceiling Tile Painting Get nostalgic and eat yummy cereal while watching kids cartoons! Also join in our tradition of painting our ceiling tiles! 9:47 - 11:47
Epic Mealtime of Destiny Bacon is a cookin'. Meat is a roastin'. Sauce is a flowin'. The only thing missing is you. Cuz guess what? You're gonna cook it and devour it. It's mealtime b**ches 11:47 - 13:17
Carbonated Fruit! Fizzy strawberries? Bubbly blueberries? Come do science and eat it at Random! 13:47 - 15:47
Storytime with Cruft w/ Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Truffles "Cruft, n.: (1) An old piece of computer equipment, possibly useless, that keeps hanging around. (2) An old alum." Come hear stories from back in the day, when things were more hardcore. Enjoy Random's special LN2 ice cream and truffles! 15:17 - 17:17
Random Plays Randomly + Smash! Up! B! Left! No, your other left! Come play video games, Twitch Plays Pokemon style, with other prefrosh for great glory! 16:17 - 17:47
CPW Closing Show 18:00 - 19:30
InterDorm Potluck Event "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere..." and we've got the food to prove it! Come enjoy some cultural cuisine with Randomites from around the globe. 19:30 - ??
Chainmail w/ Experimental Smoothies Having problems being woken up at night by swordsmen breaking down your door? Well, you'll be able to sleep easy after this event; come learn to make armor worthy of the thirteenth century! Also suitable for badass jewelry. Also, enjoy experimental smoothies courtesy of Bonfire! 20:17 - 21:47
Pecker Board Game Night + Teach You Tichu Build a Dominion in Puerto Rico comprised of Seven Wonders, then Race to the Galaxy and help the Twilight Imperium crush the Resistance. Through the Ages, board games have been an Innovation Random Hall has enjoyed. Come and play the various board games we've acquired! 21:47 - 24:47
(Almost) Life-Sized Settlers of Catan Come play (almost) life-sized Settlers of Catan! Hoard (and eat, when it's not your turn) marshmallow "sheep," pretzel "wheat," oreo "iron," and graham-cracker "bricks"! Trade them with your neighbors, or foil their plans and keep everything for yourself. Build roads, villages, and cities! 21:47 - 24:47
Sunday, April 19
Event Title Description Time
Tea Time with Teddy Remember being little? Neither do we. Come eat sweets and relive the simpler days, when the only problem you had was whether or not Misters Cuddlesworth and Snuggles got along. 11:47 - 12:47