CPW 2017

Thursday, April 6
Event Title Description Location Time
CS and JuiceCome hear about our computer science research and projects: Motion planning hardness and private simultaneous messages and writing short programs, networks and protocols and algorithms and more. Drink juice while you learn.Foo16:17 - 18:17
Hair to Dye ForIs your current hair color too boring and natural? Then come and dye it any or all of the colors in the rainbow! (Feel free to come in at any time during the event.)Black Hole16:17 - 18:17
Random Hall Art Tour + Ceiling Tile PaintingThroughout history, magnificent masterpieces have been painted on ceilings. Unlike the Sistine Chapel though, you can just take a ceiling tile down at Random. Bring your own ideas, paint from our photo references, or replicate your favorite art piece in ceiling tile form! There will also be a tour of some rooms that house cool art and constructions.Foo18:17 - 20:17
Nerdy Sing-alongIt's hard to overstate my satisfaction with how much this event is fulfilling in creative ways. If hopes and dreams are shattering apart, remember it's gonna be the future soon, so press up B and be still alive.AiW18:47 - 20:17
Powerpoint KaraokeGive presentations on topics you know nothing about, using powerpoint slides you've never seen before! Bonus points if you can get through a whole presentation without giggling!AiW22:17 - 23:17
Friday, April 7
Event Title Description Location Time
Ice cream and Urops Eat delicious LN2 Ice Cream while listening to excited people be excited about their exciting Undergraduate Research!Foo11:17 - 12:17
Cutting... With LASERS!Like building things? Like lasers? Come experience the cutting power of 75 watts of stimulated IR radiation! We'll laser-cut parts and assemble something coolShop12:17 - 13:47
Physics & FizzesCome and explore interesting ideas in physics and learn what MIT has to offer. (One thing MIT offers is free soda)Pecker15:47 - 17:47
D&D&D&D (Donuts and Drinks and Dungeons and Dragons)Come drink hot chocolate and eat donuts while playing D&D with us! Black Hole16:17 - 20:17
Clam Olympics & Clam BakeGrab your favorite pot and satisfy your munchies on Clam. We've got the brownies, the hash (browns) and more! (No drugs, just good food and bad puns). Then, be pushed to your physical and mental limits by running around while holding your breath, challenging Clam legends in Smash, or proving your luck in a high intensity coin toss competition!Clam16:20 - 18:20
Make Your Own HeadlampLearn how to solder and do some basic electronics by making a light that stays on your head, keeping your hands free. Headlamps are perfect for camping. Basement16:47 - 19:47
Wisconsin State FairAre you feeling homesick for the midwest? Or do you just want some delicious deep fried fair food? Come sample our array of artery clogging comfort food, including deep fried oreos, deep fried macaroni and cheese on a stick, deep fried cheese curds, and more! We won't forget the cream puffs!Foo18:17 - 20:17
(Almost) Life Size Settlers of CatanCome play (almost) life-sized Settlers of Catan! Hoard (and eat, when it's not your turn) marshmallow "sheep," pretzel "wheat," oreo "iron," and graham-cracker "bricks"! Trade them with your neighbors, or foil their plans and keep everything for yourself. Build roads, villages, and cities! Other (smaller) board games are available tooFoo19:17 - 23:17
Queer Ladies (Vegan) Dinner and Movie NightVegans make the best food - we'll teach you how to cook and enjoy a delicious meal! Afterwards, we'll take our goodies to the lounge and watch a movie featuring LGBTQ women. People of all genders, sexualities, and eating habits welcome! If you're not interested in the meal, the movie will start about 20:17.Loop19:47 - 22:47
Potato ArtsDid you know Random Hall houses 100% of the Irish undergraduate population? Come enjoy traditional Irish arts and crafts!BMF22:47 - 0:17
Spritecome drink spriteā„¢ with usDestiny23:17 - 0:47
Trashy Memes with Luiswe are number one but every one is replaced with MIT CPW 2017 but every time someone says "culture of innovation" it gets faster and every time someone says "top-tier university" the video quality gets worseDestiny24:17 - 1:00
Saturday, April 8
Event Title Description Location Time
Saturday Morning Bread & CartoonsWhat could be better than warm, fresh bread after a long night? If you eat your bread and breakfast while watching your favourite old cartoons!Loop8:17 - 11:17
Chemistry and CakeCake is yummy. Chemistry is fun. Come eat cake and learn about chemistry and Course V!Pecker9:47 - 11:47
Reverse Strip TeaseRather than the shedding of our underthings, we don MORE! And MORE! Until we CANT ANYMORE!!BMF11:17 - 12:17
Math and TeaMath isn't all about holomorphic homomorphisms. Some of it is fun stuff you can learn over tea and cookies. Come on down for refreshments and fun math problems.Pecker11:47 - 13:47
The Great Pieing WarFriends, Romans, war is never pretty. There may be whipped cream. There will certainly be pie. But remember that your children will tell stories of the day you stood on the roofdeck of Random Hall, you stood and fought for what you believed in. Throwing pies at other people.Roof12:17 - 12:47
Dumpling HylomorphismsThe ORIGINAL dumpling event. All other events are FAKE EVENTS. SAD! Anamorphism: the building up of a structure. Catamorphism: the consumption of a structure. Hylomorphism: both an anamorphism and a catamorphism. This event? A hylomorphism on dumplings. Come learn to make them, or just perform a metabolic reduction on food. (Vegan + Carnivorous options available)Black Hole12:17 - 14:47
Spinning on the RoofdeckLearn to spin balls on strings around your head without hitting yourself! Come hang out on our lovely roofdeck and learn the basics of the ancient art of Poi! Roof12:47 - 13:47
Epic Mealtime of DestinyBacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon stripsDestiny14:17 - 16:17
Bonfire Tea Party+OrigamiYou are cordially invited to the classiest of Tea Parties at Random Hall. Enjoy the finest of teas, the fanciest of orderves, and the most sophisticated of music as we use origami to transform ordinary pedestrian paper into much classier forms. No origami or tea party experience required.Bonfire14:47 - 16:47
Crazy Cat Lady Make-a-thonLike crafts? Love cats? Join the lovely ladies of Loop in making toys for our cats!Loop16:17 - 17:47
Nekomimi Maid CafeCome to Random to be served delicious food by maids with cat ears! kawaii neko maid cafe (=^-.-^=)/ nyaa~Foo19:47 - 21:47
Random StargazingLet's go stargazing!Roofdeck(?)21:17 - 23:17
Yelling at Movies + Experimental SmoothiesLet's be real guys. We're creative people. We know how to make things. Not like these movie makers, I mean what? That scriptwriter should learn how to write scripts! And you call that acting? Dumb. Come yell at some bad movies with us. Then show your own creativity by making some experimental smoothies. Fruit and coconut juice? Sounds good. Ice cream and milk? You're on a roll. Kale, broccoli, and kool-aid? NOW it's art.AiW21:17 - 23:17