Rush 2014

Monday, August 18
Event Title Description Time
Cards against Random Hall Come play Cards against Humanity with Randomites. Guaranteed to offend your sensibilities! 20:17 - 21:17
Tuesday, August 19
Teach You Tichu My mahjong brings all the aces to the yard, and damn right, it's better than yours. I could Tichu, but I'd have to charge... 20:17 - 22:17
Wednesday, August 20
Rooby-Rooby Roo! Yes, I was going to eat all the Scooby Snacks by myself. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids! 20:17 - 22:17
Thursday, August 21
3D Twister We wanted to do it in 4D, but the Transdimensional Building Committe wouldn't approve. 3 boards, 3 Dimensions, 5242880 more ways to get tangled up. 20:17 - 21:17
Friday, August 22
Your Wibbly Wobbly Guide to Time Travel What happens in your future if you attend this event? Come find out! No time travel experience necessary. 20:17 - 22:17
Saturday, August 23
Dumpling Hylomorphisms Anamorphism: the building up of a structure. Catamorphism: the consumption of a structure. Hylomorphism: both an anamorphism and a catamorphism. This event? A hylomorphism on dumplings. Come learn the basic fold, or just perform a metabolic reduction on food. 13:17 - 14:17
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Some possibilities (pick 3): I scream, you scream, we all scream for 77 Kelvins. Served steaming cold. Some like it hot; some like it sub-zero. Sure you've had ice cream before. But now you're at MIT. It's time for the real stuff. 14:47 - 16:17
The Clam Olympics The ancient tradition of the Olympics began with the Greeks. After a long time of people forgetting about it, it was first fully re-birthed into its more modern form in 1896. Since then it has been held around the globe. This year the Olympics are being held in Random Hall. Come compete in the Clam Olympics and attempt to bring home a medal! We're totally licensed by the IOC. 16:17 - 17:17
DDR 2048 1024, 512, 256, 128... What's better than 2048? 2048 with DDR pads! Race against your friends to make the biggest number in your favorite tile-merging puzzle game, now with 100% more footwork. 16:47 - 18:47
Psi Phi Short Stories Come enjoy science fiction short stories with awesome people! Have requests in mind, or just be ready to be introduced to new authors and stories. 18:17 - 19:17
Epic Mealtime of Destiny Sauce Boss? Check. Bacon strips? Check. Epic levels of Epic? Check. Come down to prepare the most gargantuan dessert you've ever feasted upon. Oh yes, there will be bacon. 19:17 - 20:47
Chemistry and Cake Cake is yummy. Chemistry is fun. Come eat cake and learn chemistry and about course 5! 20:17 - 21:17
Storytime with Cruft "Cruft, n.: (1) An old piece of computer equipment, possibly useless, that keeps hanging around. (2) An old alum." Come hear stories from back in the day, when things were more hardcore. 21:17 - 23:17
Harry Potter and the Headless Weasleys New magic. Headless Ron. Horrified Harry. Rising darkness. You've all finally received those letters from Hogwarts, and it's time to extend the line of its greatest tale in the darkest way. Join us as we rewrite that happy but overly sentimental epilogue of the super-epic Harry Potter series 23:17 - 0:17
RHOP Random House of Pancakes! Is it early, or is it late? All we know is that we have delicious pancakes to feed you. 3:17 - 5:17
Sunday, August 24
Ceiling Tile Painting Fancy yourself the next Michelangelo? But don't want to lie on your back while painting the Sistine Chapel? Come leave your mark on Random's ceiling instead! 10:47 - 12:47
How to Not Starve: Pasta-related Things Rice, pasta, ramen... boring, bland, staple starches. Or are they? Learn how not to starve by making something in a pot that doesn't taste like cardboard. 12:17 - 13:17
Boffing on the Roofdeck Arm yourself with a weapon wrought of foam and tape, and strike with the fury of a thousand tigers! FOR THE GLORY OF RANDOM HALL! 12:47 - 13:47
Karaok-tea Come sing, listen, or just snack and enjoy tea on Loop at our karaoke event! 13:17 - 14:47
Liquid Nitrogen Truffles Tired of boring old chocolate? Come to Random Hall and try our truffles with flavors ranging from raspberry to pink lemonade to wasabi. That still too boring for you? Then freeze your truffles in liquid nitrogen! 13:47 - 15:17
Physics and Coffee Our theory holds that in a physics lecture, students exist in the lowest energy state. However, if bombarded by a caffeine ray with stimulation from advanced physics topics, it has been shown to raise students to an excited state. Come enjoy caffeine, sweets, and physics with us in our experiment to verify this! 14:47 - 16:47
Clam Bake Grab your favorite pot and satisfy your munchies on Clam. We've got the brownies, the hash and more! 16:20 - 17:47
The Face-Off Think your face is funnier than the rest? Do you want to prove that you can make the best faces this side of the Mississippi? You'll face off against other freshmen, and one of you will be judged the winner. 17:17 - 18:17
Applied Knot Theory An introduction to the art of tying knots and people in practical and ornamental ways. Our knowledge of knots is not for naught. I can knot understand how anyone could knot be excited. 20:17 - 21:17
Math and Tea Math is beautiful, cookies are sweet, tea is tasty, and S_3 acts on these statements in a non-trivial way: come enjoy math, tea, and cookies with us. 20:17 - 23:17
Bonfire Jazz Lounge There will be jazz. Classy jazz. There will be cheese. Fancy cheese. What more could you want? 20:47 - 21:47
Settlers of Catan Come play (almost) life-sized Settlers of Catan! Hoard (and eat, when it's not your turn) marshmallow "sheep," pretzel "wheat," oreo "iron," and graham-cracker "bricks"! Trade them with your neighbors, or foil their plans and keep everything for yourself. Build roads, villages, and cities! 21:47 - 23:47
Rocky Horrible's Singalong Blog Have beloved memories of Dr. Horrible? Not after this event, you won't. Come join us in yelling obscenities at a perfectly nice Sing-Along Blog that has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. 23:17 - 0:47
RHOP Random House of Pancakes. Why are we up this late? To feed you pancakes of course! Pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes pancakes. Wow, pancakes is a really weird looking word. 3:17 - 5:17
Monday, August 25
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Some possibilities (pick 3): I scream, you scream, we all scream for 77 Kelvins. Served steaming cold. Some like it hot; some like it sub-zero. Sure you've had ice cream before. But now you're at MIT. It's time for the real stuff. 14:17 - 15:47
CS and Juice Bobby walks down the aisle at Shaw's, trying to pick the optimal set of juices to buy. He can't buy pomegranate juice without something sweeter to mix it with, like apple or orange, but if he buys orange juice, he won't buy orange mango as well...uh oh. Bobby smells a boolean satisfiability problem to solve. 15:17 - 17:17
Duct Tape Construction! What can you use to close an open wound? Duct tape! What's great when your shoe starts falling apart? Duct tape! What comes in many colors and can be used to create something entirely new? Duct tape! 16:17 - 17:17
Roofdeck Barbecue Meat! Ribs, sausage, burgers, and more! Come see the awesomeness of having one of the only roofdecks in Cambridge. Eat our delicious meat products and talk to our upperclassman about life at MIT. (Non-meat food also available.) 18:47 - 20:47
Cookies and Smut Listen to the finest Viking romance novels and eat delicious warm chocolate chip cookies. Feel the horriblehorriblehorrible sensation of rivulets of chocolate dripping down your throat and discover Thor's magnificent hammer! 20:17 - 21:17
Random Chess Do you like chess? Do want to learn how to make chess even more awesome? Play random chess, bughouse chess, suicide chess, bidding chess, monster chess, or AnyInterestingIdeaThatYouMayHave chess. 20:17 - 22:17
Random Shirt Making Ever wondered how companies printed shirts? Come make your very own Random REX shirt! Shirts, paints and silkscreen provided. 21:17 - 22:17
Chainmail Having problems being woken up at night by swordsmen breaking down your door? Well, you'll be able to sleep easy after this event; come learn to make armor worthy of the thirteenth century! Also suitable for badass jewelry. 21:47 - 23:17
Battleship Twister Blue 4! Red 2! You sunk a frosh! Play a game of battleship where you're the ships and the grid is a twister board. 23:17 - 0:17
Mario Kart Come play Mario Kart 8! It's shiny! 23:47 - 0:47
Tuesday, August 26
Learn How to Zephyr In the 80s, the ancient days before TCP, MIT students had an older, more h4rdk0r3 chat client: Zephyr. Come get set up and talk to each other through Random Hall's chat client of choice! 10:17 - 11:30
Around the World with Random "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere..." and we've got the food to prove it! Come enjoy some cultural cuisine with Randomites from around the globe. 12:47 - 13:47
Bubbles in the Random Bubble They say you shouldn't stay too long in the MIT bubble, but nobody said anything about the Random bubble. Come blow bubbles in our very own home-constructed inflatable room! There will be bubblegum and bubblegum pop. 13:17 - 14:17
Leftover Nitrogen Eat our ice cream, smash our us run through the rest of our liquid nitrogen! 13:47 - 15:17
Nerdy Singalong! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction with how much this event fulfilling in creative way. If hopes and dreams are shattering apart, remember it's gonna be the future soon, so press up B and be still alive. 14:47 - 16:17
DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES WITH FIERCE BLASTS OF DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE Come join the Random faction as we prepare to march to victory at the water wars! Cover yourself in war-paint! Prepare flying aqueous projectiles! Create funnelators of doom and deathiness! Unleash your inner berserker! 15:17 - 17:15
Nerf Chess You know what chess needs more of? NERF GUNS! Shoot your opponent to make it your turn. Guaranteed to be cognitive overload. 16:17 - 17:15
Random Plays Randomly Up! B! Left! No, your other left! Come play video games, Twitch Plays Pokemon style, with other frosh for great glory! 17:47 - 19:17
Tuesday Night Talks Secretly, this is TNT. But there won't be any explosions. Come listen to upperclassmen talk about how not to explode at MIT and Random. It's going to be great. Seriously. Vegetarian/vegan food will be provided. 18:47 - 20:47
Comics! Wondering why the Galaxy needs Guardians? Not sure how the Dark Knight somehow has anything to do with bats? Want to learn more about comics inside and outside of the World Wide Web? Join us at Random for laid-back perusing of our comics collection accompanied by hot chocolate. 20:17 - 22:17
Pecker Board Game Night Build a Dominion in Puerto Rico comprised of Seven Wonders, then Race to the Galaxy and help the Twilight Imperium crush the Resistance. Through the Ages, board games have been an Innovation Random Hall has enjoyed. Come and play the various board games we've acquired! 21:17 - 3:17
Experimental Smoothies Do you like SCIENCE? What about SMOOTHIES? Come drink our smoothies, and maybe make some of your own. We promise they won't all be poisonous. 22:17 - 23:17
Spinning on the Roofdeck Discover the art of making poi swoosh around your body! The hard part is not hitting yourself in the head with a sock full of birdseed. 23:17 - 0:17
RHOP Random House of Pancakes: I'm a delicious warm pancake smothered in maple syrup. Bite me. We have almost as many pancakes as the International House of Pancakes, and you don't have to drive to get here. See how much maple syrup you can fit on one plate. 3:17 - 5:17
Wednesday, August 27
C is for Cookie and T is for Tea Come enjoy games like Bananagrams, Boggle, Scrabble, or solve a crossword or two with us. Or just relax and unwind from the whirlwind of REX with tasty cookies and a cuppa tea. Oolong, chai, green, earl grey, rooibos... 10:47 - 11:47
Fiddler on the Roofdeck Do you love latkes? Miss matzah ball soup? Come eat home-cooked, out-of-season, traditional Jewish food on Random Hall's roofdeck. Being Jewish not required. 11:47 - 13:17