CPW 2018

Event Title Description Location Time
Thursday, April 12
D+D+D (Dungeons and Dragons and Donuts) Explore dungeons, fight monsters, and have fun roleplaying with friends while enjoying hot chocolate and donuts. Black Hole 16:17 - 19:47
Dumpling Hylomorphisms Anamorphism: the building up of a structure. Catamorphism: the consumption of a structure. Hylomorphism: both an anamorphism and a catamorphism. This event? A hylomorphism on dumplings. Come learn to make them, or just perform a metabolic reduction on food. (Vegan + Carnivorous options available) BMF 18:17 - 20:17
Cards Against Humanity Pictionary Why play regular Pictionary when you could be drawing things like MechaHitler, being on fire, a middle aged man on roller skates, raptor attacks, children on leashes or chainsaws for hands? A hilarious mix of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary! Shenanigans will ensue. Foo 22:17 - 23:17
Lockpicks and Lockpicking Come learn how to pick locks! If that’s too easy, come learn how to make your own picks! If that’s too easy, come and pick locks with us anyway and dazzle us with your skills. AiW 22:17 - 24:17
Friday, April 13
BMF Arm Wrestling Drink fancy milk with us! delicious milk full of protein and calcium P: (with lactose free options) then test your strength in the bmf arm wrestling competition! bananas and other healthy snacks will be provided to fuel your biceps :O BMF 11:17 - 12:17
(Almost) Life Sized Settlers of Catan Come play (almost) life-sized Settlers of Catan! Hoard (and eat, when it’s not your turn) marshmallow “sheep,” pretzel “wheat,” oreo “iron,” and graham-cracker “bricks”! Trade them with your neighbors, or foil their plans and keep everything for yourself. Build roads, villages, and cities! Foo 16:17 - 20:17
Physics and Fizzy Drinks Come and explore interesting ideas in physics and learn what MIT has to offer. (One thing MIT offers is free soda) Pecker 16:17 - 18:17
Lovecrafting Make that cuddly Eldritch Horror friend you’ve always wanted! Rend some plushies asunder and reform them in your own image! A dog head here, some bat wings there, a lizard tail to pull the whole thing together and ta da! Perfection. Black Hole 16:47 - 18:47
CS and Juice Come hear about computer science research, projects, topics, and oddities. Drink juice while you learn. It’s CS and Juice. Destiny 18:17 - 20:17
:sushi: Make the :sushi: with us :100: :100: :100: :fire: :fire: :fire: BMF 18:17 - 20:17
Nerdy Sing-a-long Come sing with us! Broadway, Disney, Pokemon, Dr. Horrible, songs about science, and more! AiW 18:47 - 20:17
Math and Tea Math isn’t all about holomorphic homomorphisms. Some of it is fun stuff you can learn over tea and cookies. Come on down for refreshments and fun math problems. Pecker 20:17 - 22:17
Queer Ladies' Movie Night We’re all queer here! Come join the ladies of Loop to watch cheesy queer movies (happy ending guaranteed) and decorate pride flag cookies. People of all genders and sexualities welcome. Loop 20:47 - 23:17
Epic Mealtime of Destiny Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & Destiny 23:17 - 25:17
Русская еда Отведайте с нами лучшие блюда русской кухни. BMF 23:17 - 24:47
Saturday, April 14
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cartoons Enjoy your favorite childhood cereals and cartoons! Loop 9:17 - 11:17
Ceiling Tile Painting Throughout history, magnificent masterpieces have been painted on ceilings. Unlike the Sistine Chapel though, you can just take a ceiling tile down at Random. Bring your own ideas, paint from our photo references, or replicate your favorite art piece in ceiling tile form! Foo 10:17 - 13:17
Experimental Cooking + Cookie Roulette Do you yearn to push the limits of culinary experimentation? Do people call your creations “interesting” or “dumb”? Come to Random to do Science! Except edible! Think potato caramel, popcorn cake, and rice cookies. Not a fan of cooking? Steel your nerves and tastebuds in a game of cookie roulette. Pecker 10:47 - 12:47
Crazy Cat Lady Make-a-thon Come meet some of Random Hall’s illustrious feline residents and help us make them toys! They will appreciate it. Loop 11:17 - 13:17
Cooking with Clams + Clam Olympics Keep clam and start Cooking by the Book. Don’t be shellfish, you cod dolphinitely bring friends too! And: You’re familiar with the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics, but have you heard of the Spring Olympics? This year, they’re being held in Random Hall. We’re totally licenced by the IOC. Clam 13:47 - 15:47
Jack Box Power Hour Play great Jack Box party games like Drawful, Fibbage, and Trivia Murder Party and eat pizza with the babes of BMF! BMF 15:17 - 16:47
Clam Bake Grab your favorite pot and satisfy your munchies on Clam. We’ve got the brownies, the hash browns and more! (Just good food and bad puns). Clam 16:20 - 17:47
LN2 Ice Cream I scream, you scream, we all scream for Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream! Served steaming cold. NB: Family members who would like to attend must be accompanied by their child Foo 15:47 - 17:47
Nekomimi Maid Cafe neko neko maid cafe ~curry rice and omu rice~ nyaa~ Foo 19:47 - 21:47
Pecker Board Game Night Build a Dominion in Puerto Rico comprised of Seven Wonders, then Race to the Galaxy and help the Twilight Imperium crush the Resistance. Through the Ages, board games have been an Innovation Random Hall has enjoyed. Come and play the various board games we’ve acquired! Pecker 21:47 - 24:47
Yelling At Movies Writing movies is hard but making fun of them is easy. Let’s do the latter. AiW 22:17 - 24:17