PhD Committee

  1. Elizabeth Basha: Distributed Sensor Networks for Flood Prediction.
  2. John Moskaitis: Nonparametric Statistics and Information Metrics for Hurricane Modeling.

Master's Committee

  1. Chris Yang(MEng): Image Processing (Segmentation & Deformable Surfaces).

Current Students

  1. James Duyck
  2. Chelsea Finn
  3. Julianna Mello
  4. Iris Xu

Previous Students

  1. Joshua Runge(MEng): Image Processing (Glare Reduction). Now at Microsoft (Live Search)
  2. John Williams(SM): Position Errors in Data Assimilation with application to Hurricanes. August 2008
  3. Scott Stransky (SM): Distributed Ensemble Simulation Architecture for Laboratory Observatory. (2007)
  4. Andrew Wong (RA) Laboratory Observatory Design and Implementation (2006).
  5. Chris Maes (UROP): Tracking and Flow Estimation (2003).
  6. Raymond Chen (UROP): Control System for Fluid Laboratory (2003).

Visiting Students and Collaborations

  1. Phil Lane WHOI/MIT, 2007
  2. Maiwenn Perrin, 2007, France.
  3. Camille Risi, 2005, France.
  4. Emanuel Vivant, 2004, France.