Teaching Experience


Matlab, Regression, Statistics and Signal Processing"

MIT, 2012 Visit

Quantifying Uncertainty:

MIT, 2012 Visit

Computer Vision:

UMASS, Amherst, 2002 (CmpSci 570/670)

Graduate and Undergraduate

Instructor with A. Hanson and Z. Zhu.


Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval

Tutorial, SIGIR 99


Image Indexing and Retrieval:

Tutorial, SIGIR 98


Robotics, Vision and Learning

UMASS Amherst, 1994 (CmpSci 403).

Teaching Assistant to Prof. Roderic Grupen


Computer Literacy, 1992

UMASS, Amherst, 1991, (CmpSci 105).

Teaching Assistant to Prof. William T. Verts.


Discrete Structures

UMASS, Amherst, 1991, (CmpSci 250).

Teaching Assistant to Prof. Susan Landau.









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