LSA 130
The Syntax and Semantics of Aspect

Summer 1, 2005, 32-155, MW 1.00-2.40

Rajesh Bhatt
Roumyana Pancheva
Valentine Hacquard

Readings for LSA 130


Requirements: three emails to us, one for each week, with a question pertaining to the class and feedback with respect to how the class is going for you and the topics you are interested in.

Week 1: Viewpoint Aspect and Aktionsart

Handout for June 27 and 29

Week 2: The Perfect

Handout for July 6
Handout for July 8

Readings on the Perfect (Week 2)

Week 3: Aspect and Modality

Handout for July 11
Handout for July 13

Readings on Aspect and Modality (Week 3)