Some .pdf datasheets from National Semiconductor and Microchip, copied locally for performance reasons:

LMD18200 (55 V 3 A h-bridge, for driving motors, for example. includes current sensing and thermal shutdown.)

LMD18245 (55 V 3 A current-controlled h-bridge, for driving motors at set currents?)

PIC16F84 (cheap flash-programmable microprocessor with 13 I/O lines)

PIC16F876 (cheap flash-programmable microprpcessor with 10-bit A/D, hardware UART, 10-bit PWM, etc...)

MAX220-249 (5V to 12V level converters, for serial communication between a PC and a PIC, for example)

AN-694, an application note about the LMD18200. More details of how the chip works and how to use it.

LM12CL 80W op-amp (includes examples of high-power voltage-to-current amps for servo drives)