SP.711: REC Fall 2000 Intensive Seminar #2

Things That Move: Intro to Motors and Motion Control

(taught by Eric Smith and Ben "Max" Davis)

Assignments, schedule, syllabus:

(10/9: Vacation) Taking apart printers, some quadrature intro Day 2: PWM, transistors.

Homework #1 (due Monday)

Day 3: Using the LMD18200 motor driver chip. (using the surplus power supplies we have)

Homework #2 (due next Monday)

Day 4: Catch-up day, current sensing. Day 5: Intro to control theory, Position control (1).
Day 6: Decoding quadrature, optimizing PIC code for speed Day 7: Motor modeling, Position control (2) Day 8: Intro to theory of h-bridge design, Position control (3)

Homework #3: Design a motor driver.

Day 9: Related topics: Building your own motor drivers Day 10: Related topics: Driving AC loads, stepper and hobbyist RC servo motors Day 11: TBA

Other useful resources:

Details of the power supplies we bought

Some quick notes about the motors, including encoder pinouts

Where to buy mechanical and electrical components (surplus or new)

Datasheets of the components we use

Topics will be some subset of (depending on time and interest):

Some prior electronics and programmable microcontroller experience required (the REC microcontroller seminar is acceptable preparation).

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