SP.712: REC Fall 2000 Intensive Seminar #3

Design and Fabrication of Printed Circuit Boards

(taught by Matt Hancher)

Are you interested in being able to design, lay out, and get professional-quality circuit boards made for your job, UROP, research, or personal projects?

Do the green circuit boards in pieces of abandoned equipment intrigue you?

Do the phrases "soldermask", "plated-through vias", "7/7 design rules", "TSSOP", "epoxy FR-5", and "keepout layer" make your eyes glaze over? (but you think you might be interested in what they really mean...)

Well then, this may be a class you'll enjoy. In this seminar you will learn principles, techniques, and tricks relevant to designing printed circuit boards. You will think about and deal with issues such as nonideal components, power and ground management, interference, parasitic capacitances, and other practical problems that pop up in real world situations. You will design and lay out several circuit boards in Protel 99 SE, a professional-level circuit board layout program, and will send at least one of them out for fabrication at a board house.

We will have a collection of interesting little projects for you to build and lay out, or you can bring your own projects and schematics.

Note that some prior electronics and microcontroller experience is required for this course (the REC microcontroller seminar is acceptable preparation).

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