SP.712: REC Spring 2001 Intensive Seminar #3


(by Matt "Dexter" Hancher and Ben "Max" Davis)

The purpose of this short seminar is to both acquaint you with the basics of using sensors with a microprocessor and expose you to a wide range of different sensors that you might find useful in the future.

Tentative Schedule/Syllabus:

4/16: Vacation 4/18: Intro to sensors, characterizing the analog behavior of the digital TTL and Schmidt Trigger inputs. Biasing two-terminal resistive sensors.
4/23: Using synchronous sensing to build a good reflectance sensor. How to use more complicated synchronous sensing to build a phenomenal reflectance sensor. 4/25: Capacitive sensing. "Proximity sensing" of humans using a capacitive antenna.
4/30: Signal conditioning and analog and digital filtering 5/2: Digital interfacing to sensors.
5/7: (no class this day) 5/9: Optical encoders (position sensors in high-performance motor systems). Quadrature decoding.
5/14: Quadrature decoding, day 2. Basic motor speed/position control 5/16: Fancy, expensive sensors. Field trip?

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