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Sir Charles Hambro (1897-1963)

Charles Hambro was born into a British banking family of Danish descent, and he served with distinction in WWI. Between the wars, he worked in New York for Guaranty Trust and in London for C. J. Hambro and Sons. He also sat on the board of directors for the Bank of England. When WWII began, he joined the Ministry of Economic Warfare and later became a colonel on the general staff. After the fall of France in 1941, he entered Special Operations Executive and became head of the Scandinavian section. In this capacity, he aided the resistance in Denmark. He went to Washington in 1943 as a member of the Combined Raw Materials Board. Among his duties was the exchange of information with the US on the atom bomb. After the war, he returned to banking and worked in the Marshall Plan. In the 1960's, he supported retaining the pound as the basic unit of British currency.

Karen Rae Keck

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