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Gauge interactions and Unification

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Group theory and Gauge interactions
Symmetries and Particle Physics - very good lecture notes.
What is a Lie group? - a good explanation by T.Smith.
Field theory an Standard Model (!) (hep-ph/9812496),69 pp, by Novikov, - among other things, the principle of gauge interactions, Abelian and non-Abelian gauge fields, and how they are used in electroweak theory .
Groups and principle of gauge - in a single page.
Early History of Gauge Theories and Kaluza-Klein Theories, with a Glance at Recent Developments - (physics/9810524), 64pp., though contains some math, it still remains readable for everyone.
Advanced topics
Introduction to Lie Algebras - a scanned version of a short course on Lie groups important in physics.
The Gaugeless limit of Electroweak interactions - a lecture set by Bjorken; ps files.

Beyond the Standard Model - theory and phenomenology
Beyond the Standard Model path - a picturesque introduction by PDG.
A part of EPP lectures: GUT and proton decay and Composite models and Supersymmetry .
Introduction to Supersymmetry at the NLC - a very descriptive, understandable lecture set: SM, its problems, idea of supersymmetry, R-parity, etc.
GUT and baryon asymmetry - several pages, easy style.
Search for Magnetic Monopoles and Search for Leptoquarks - written by D0 group at FNAL in plain english.
ZEUS high-Q2 anomaly - a window into new physics or simply statistics playing around?
Advanced topics
Beyond the Standard Model (hep-ph/9705479), 94pp., by M.Peskin - a detailed introduction intended for experimentalists.
A supersymmetric Primer - (hep-ph/9709356), 102pp,. by S.Martin - pedagogical introduction into supersymmetry.
Basic canon in 4D, N=1 Superfield theory (hep-th/9808064), 109pp. - a rather rigorous and technical introduction into 4D, N=1 supersymmetry; requires good QFT knowledge.
Searching for low-energy supersymmetry (hep-ph/9801417), 60pp. and MSSM: Group summary report (hep-ph/9901246), 111 pp. - thorough analysis of current status of supersymmetric theories: different schemes, MSSM and beyond, phenomenology of superpartners and higgs bosons, different signals of supersymmetry .
Electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs physics by Spira and Zerwas (hep-ph/9803257), 70pp. - a wonderful review on Higgs boson physics, both SM and supersymmetric. Includes Higgs mechanics, main properties, decays, production, experimental data etc.

Superstrings, supergravity, M-theory
Superstring theory - basics. Very easy reading.
Second superstring revolution - a deeper and more detailed introduction with the same level of clarity.
Superstrings! - very digestive online introduction.
M theory (gr-qc/9812029) - recent review by Schwarz.
Putting string duality to work - a structured interactive intro into supersrings.
Cosmic strings - by Cambridge Cosmology group.
Quantum Gravity and strings - from EPP lectures.
String theory, Supersymmetry, Unification and All that - (hep-th/9803197), 21 pp. - a couple of formulas and a very good text; covers also branes and perturbative expantion.
Advanced topics
What's going on in string theories? - collection of lectures and hep-th reveiws.
Introduction to String Theory - a brief online math-heavy course.
Recent developments in String theory: from dualities to M-theory - (hep-th/9904033), 58pp., by M.Haack et al., - a pedagogical introduction.

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