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Quantum Chromodynamics

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Quark model and hadron spectroscopy
The first Tour into Particles World - Adventure Tour by PDG.
Hadron-hadro n interactions - introduction into resonances, Dalitz plot etc., from EPP lectures.
Quark Model - introduction into quark parton model and hadron classification.
Heavy Quarks - charm, bottom, top and heavy hadrons; by EPP.
Discovery of Top Quark - a nice set of nodes.
Advanced topics
Particle Data - PS files rom PDG, full coverage.
Glueballs - a page on the current status of glueball candidate searches.
Light Meson Spectroscopy (hep-ph/9811410), 111 pp. - reviews theoretical and experimental status; discussion of exotic mesons.
Heavy hadron spectrum - (hep-ph/9710394), 64pp., by C.Davies, spectroscopy of heavy hadrons with theoretical insight.

Perturbative QCD and different mathematical methods
Strong Interaction - intro by EPP; need for color, gluons, their color and self-interaction, hardonization, deep inelastic scattering, Zweig rule, etc.
Online Feynman rules - from a personal collection.
QCD in one page.
Advanced topics
CORE - COmpendium of RElations (hep-ph/9507456) - 110 pages of formulas useful in theoretical particle physics including Pauli, Gell-Mann, Dirac matrices calculus, full SM lagrangian and Feyman rules, kinematics, matrix elements, cross sections and decay rates etc..
QCD at HERA - a brief lecture on recent (Febr. 1998) advancement.
Lectures on the Foundations of QCD (hep-ph/9901412), by A.Smilga - 85 paged course which is highly recommended as your second textbook in QCD.

Confinement and Non-perturbative effects
Lecture 1 and Lecture 2 (hep-ph/9403218 and 04332) - Gribov's lectures on confinement. Very readable.
QCD vacuum, Chiral Phase Transitions and QGP (hep-ph/9503427), 53 pp., by Shuryak - a very rich and the least technical review of instantons, QCD vacuum, etc..
Why is a Nucleon bound? (hep-ph/9603354), 9 pp., by Shuryak - a classical introduction into QCD vacuum, instanton action and confinement, written in the "for pedestrians" style.

Advanced topics
The Theory of Quark Confinement (hep-ph/9902279), 28 pp., by V.Gribov - a summarizing paper of Gribov's works on confinement.
High density QCD and Instantons - 43 pp., (hep-ph/9904353), by Shuryak et al., provides systematic treatment of instanton generated non-perturbative effects
Quark confinement and Hadron spctrum - (hep-ph/9904330), 70pp., pedagogical introduction with many exercises into topics: hardon spectroscopy and quark potential, Wilson loops, confinement, flux tubes, QCD vacuums models
Non-perturbative QFT on the lattice - (hep-th/9610132), by T.deGrand, 80pp,. - pedagogical introduction; emphasis on QCD.

Quark-gluon plasma and QCD at finite temperatures
Quark-Gluon Plasma - from CERN.
Relativistic Heavy Ion Course and Quark Gluon plasma - online grad lecture notes from MIT; quite easy reading.
Advanced topics
Physics of thermal QCD (hep-ph/9612347), A. Smilga, 105pp. - deconfinement, quark-gluon plasma and chiral symmetry restoration.
Search for Quark-Gluon Plasma (hep-ph/9602235), 50 pp. - brief theory and an overview of QGP signatures and experiments.
Phase transitions in quantum chromodynamics - (hep-lat/9608098), 156pp., by H.Meyer-Ortmanns.

Lattice QCD
Lattice QCD - one lecture from MIT; organized as slide-show.
Introduction to lattice QCD (hep-ph/9807028), 150(!!) pages, by R.Gupta - a huge pedagogical introduction.
Advanced topics
Gauge Connection - free lattice QCD data archive.

Various problems in strong interactions
What is an axion? - a explanation of the need for axion as a solution of strong CP problem.
Advanced topics
QCD, Strong CO and Axions - (hep-ph/9606475), By R.Peccei - long standing and still unresolved problem of CP non-violation in strong interactions.

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