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Physics Institutions
Physics societies and Major research centers
American Institute of Physics .
American Physical Society .
Institute of Physics .
European Physics Society .
DPG - German Physics Society.
NASA - has also some physics related stuff.

Universities and Colleges around the world - a huge list, over 3000 entries!
Ranking of Universities in USA - links to top 50 American Universities.
Canadian Universities .
UK Universities and Colleges .
Universities of UK and Ireland .
Universities and Colleges - Yahoo list by country.

Jounals and Magazines online
Online journals
Virtual Journal Series - an interesting solution brought by AIP and APS to let you stay informed of the flood of pares in your field appearing in many various journals.
New Journal of Physics - refereed journal by IOP and DPG.
Journal of High Energy Physics - refereed online journal.
Physics Express Letters - published by IOP.
Living Reviews in Relativity .

Homepages of scientific journals
Elsevier Science - the complete list of journals published by Elsevier Science and available online.
Online Journal Publishing Service - online versions of journal published by AIP.
Physics-Uspekhi - the online version of Russian journal UFN.
E-Print Archive - you will be automatically redirected to the closest mirror site.

Homepages of popular physics magazines
Nature - free subscription required.
Scientific American - with lots of free services.
New Scientist - (some services require subscription).
Physics Today .
American Scientist: Physics - mainly abstracts, but with some further links .

Physics online - services, news and directories
Physics services online
SLAC Spires - searchable HEP database.
PhysicsWeb - published by IOP; a large number of free online services: weekly news, reviews, calendar, jobs, resources, links etc.
AIP News Update - stay informed of recent news in physics!
Physical Review Focus - regulary in-depth articles by APS .
Physics News Graphics - AIP news + pictures. - NASA's astronews.
ScienceWeek has some free services.
ScienceNews with a few physics articles.
Physics Education News are also sometimes of some relevance to physics.
Eric's Treasure Trove of Physics - virtually the whole physics in a concise encyclopedic format.
Physics E-source - physics search engines.

(Certainly, I am not the only one to start compiling physics related links...)
TIPTOP - The Internet Pilot To Physics.
The Net Advance in Physics - pointer to mainly eprinted review papers; brought by MIT. .
Martindale's Virtual Physics Center - an extensive collection of physics, chemistry, engineering, math links. Take a look also at his collection of Online Calculators.
SciCentral - a gateway to best science and engineering resources.
The Scout report for Science and Engineering - research, learning resources, general interest etc..
PhysicsEd - Physics Educational resources.
PhysLink .
Web Pages to help Physics Students .

Forums, discussion groups
The Why Files - a service brought by Wisconsin Univ.
List of Physics related newsgroups .

General Physics tutorials
Usenet Physics FAQ - some of very frequently asked questions in physics.
Physics 1501 - from motion to nuclear physics; brought by Winnipeg Univ.
Physics 141 - from falling balls to water waves; Tennessi Univ.
Integrated calculus and physics - all about motion; from Tennessi Univ.
Ph ysics 132 - from temperature and heat to nature of light; Univ of Richmond.
Exploratorium: phenomena index .
Physics 2000 - complicated physics stuff in a very simple language with lots of demonstrations.
Physics: Principles with Applications - online version of a book; has problems, puzzles, guides to the whole physics.

Reference desk
Physics data, tables etc
WebElements - a huge amount of information on every element.
Physics Formulary - over 100 pages, downloadable compendium of formulas; spans from mechanics to plasma physics .
The law list - physics laws and concepts.
Constants, Units and Uncertainties .
Physics Factbook - the source of concrete facts and values.
Consult Particle Data Group for any kind of information in particles physics.
Table of Nuclides .

Other sites of general interest
Nobel Laureats in Physics .
Exploratorium .

Personal pages
Students Scientific Laboratory - learning physics through non-standard problems; in Russian and English.
John Baez and his This Week's Finds in Mathematical physics..
James Sethna and his numerous tutorials on material science, disordered systems and glasses, dynamical systems, liquid crystals etc .
Chris Hillman and his Relativity/Entropy/Symbolic Dynamics on the WWW.
Christoph Schiller and his Motion Mountain project .
Ned Wright and his Cosmology Tutorial .

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