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Reengineering articles in MIT Tech Talk

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Special supplements:

Innovations in Management (June 1998)
Reengineering Updates (December 13, 1995)
Reengineering Special Edition (May 1, 1995)


Areas urged to plan ahead for SAP shutdown (10/27/99)
Demos of changes in new SAP release are scheduled (9/29/99)
SAP upgrade has no major user changes (9/15/99)
SAP News (1/27/99)


New administrative job-classification system proposed (12/9/98)
Repair and maintenance redesign 'tweaked' after feedback (12/9/98)
Employees working for flexibility (11/4/98)
Two SAP school coordinators discuss new challenges (10/7/98)
SAP requisition training starts soon (8/26/98)
Costa answers questions on human resources project (7/15/98)
Compensation and Classification core team members, advisors (7/15/98)
Human resources work progresses; report summaries to be placed on web (7/15/98)
Coordinators help areas prepare for SAP rollout (7/15/98)

Innovations in Management --June 1998 supplement to MIT Tech Talk

Job-sharing employees must be organized, but they gain flexibility (5/20/98)
Training team seeks focus group participants (5/13/98)
Human Resources teams make progress in several areas (4/29/98)
SAP journal voucher training announced (4/15/98)
SAP user group to discuss new features (4/15/98)
Five projected milestones for completing SAP rollout announced (4/8/98)
Input sought from administrative staff on performance appraisals (4/8/98)
On-line computer buying grows (4/1/98)
Team planning SAP rollout completion (2/11/98)
Teams to study recognition, appraisals of job performance (2/11/98)


Group issues recommendations on aiding academic services (11/19/97)
SAP group meets (11/12/97)
Some questions and answers on continuing SAP transition (9/24/97)
SAP has new capabilities and accounting terminology (9/24/97)
ECAT ups order limit, Windows availability (9/24/97)
R and M team for on-campus residences formed (9/24/97)
CopyTech adds services and lowers some prices (9/10/97)
Physical Plant inventory system makes transition to SAP (8/27/97)
Sloan leads the way as SAP accounting system pilot site (7/16/97)
SAP rollout to begin in August (6/4/97)
Web-based SAP tool readied (6/4/97)
Custodial group to meet (5/7/97)
Human resources team moves forward (4/3/97)
More users join ECAT pilot ranks (2/26/97)
SAP Release 2 presentations slated (2/12/97)
Publishing bureau opens (2/5/97)
Reengineering update (1/29/97)
SAP demonstration on tap (1/15/97)
Purchasing gives tips for speeding up requisitions (1/15/97)
Copy centers offer new services, longer hours (1/15/97)
Open house for Learning Center and SAP (1/8/97)


Vest gives information, answers at town meeting (12/18/96)
Vest fields questions on changes at MIT (12/11/96)
How SAP works (12/11/96)
Reengineering success stories (12/11/96)
Strehle gives details on SAP conversion process (12/4/96)
Faculty gets updates on SAP, federal funding (12/4/96)
New Student Services Center offers 'one-stop shopping' (11/20/96)
Final part of campus to get redesigned repair/maintenance (11/13/96)
Student-services offices plan to forge closer ties (10/30/96)
New publishing service advances with appointment of Bernstein (10/23/96)
Groups to gather comments (10/2/96)
Progress reports on personnel issues planned (9/25/96)
New RA/TA appointment procedures (9/18/96)
Student-activities changes suggested (9/11/96)
Meetings will explain redesigned repair and maintenance process (9/11/96)
SAP in place; procedures clarified (9/11/96)
Teams are moving ahead with reengineering of student services (8/28/96)
Conversion to SAP begins (8/28/96)
New human resources team wants input from community (7/24/96)
Reengineering notes (7/24/96)
Phase-out plans made for Graphic Arts and Design Services (7/24/96)
SAP Release 1 rollout is delayed (6/12/96)
Team seeks input on reengineering (6/5/96)
Vest fields questions at town meeting (5/22/96)
New-style repair and maintenance expands to west campus (5/1/96)
Web Sightings (4/24/96)
New facility to open for training (4/10/96)
Office Depot works to improve office-supply service at MIT (3/20/96)
Consultant hired; SAP end-user training team gearing up (2/14/96)
New team to probe supplies (1/31/96)
Reengineered Institute mailing system is saving money (1/24/96)
GSC plans reengineering briefing (1/24/96)
Help Desk team explains redesign (1/24/96)


Reengineering Updates supplement (12/13/95)

Student services teams are gathering information (11/15/95)
Mail process to be reexamined (11/8/95)
Reengineering updates (11/1/95)
Student Services plans dual reengineering (10/25/95)
New training to assist personnel review process (9/20/95)
Teams named to lead I/T in new directions (8/30/95)
New team undertakes east campus maintenance (8/16/95)
Reengineered mail centers bring faster mail (8/16/95)
Financial systems redesign progresses (7/19/95)
New Institute-wide purchasing procedures begin July 1 (6/21/95)
Reengineering questions answered (5/24/95)
Vest, others present update (5/10/95)
Outside suppliers to replace Office of Lab Supplies July 1 (5/3/95)
Mail tip #6 (5/3/95)

May 1, 1995 (special issue on reengineering)

Reengineering printing team is announced (4/26/95)
Student services team forming (4/12/95)
'Town meeting' planned for May (4/5/95)
I/T transformation is next on reengineering agenda (3/22/95)
Mail tip #5 (3/22/95)
Custodial teams start pilot program (3/15/95)
MIT to seek buying proposals (3/8/95)
More community involvement for reengineering planned (3/1/95)
Mail tip #4 (3/1/95)
Mail manager named; reengineering to begin (2/8/95)
Mail tip #3 (1/25/95)
Mail tip #2 (1/11/95)


Reengineering Steering Committee issues human resource principles (12/14/94)
Mail tip #1 (12/14/94)
Reengineering marks milestone (12/7/94)
Mail team will offer tips to improve system (12/7/94)
Physical Plant names teams for reengineering effort(10/5/94)
Next phase of reengineering begins (9/21/94)
Vest letter emphasizes mission (9/21/94)
Reengineering enters second phase (8/17/94)
Making the case for reengineering (6/29/94)
Six areas targeted for redesign phase (6/29/94)
Reengineering update (5/25/94)
Team identifies five processes (4/6/94)
Comments coming in (4/6/94)
Fundamental changes on MIT's horizon (3/30/94)
Some questions and answers (3/30/94)
Reegineering set to begin; team and consultant named (3/16/94)


'Reengineering' is central to forthcoming changes (11/22/93)

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