School Coordinators

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Management Reporting Project  
265 Massachusetts Ave. 
Office N52-473 
Cambridge MA 02139-4307 
  • Bob Davine: School of Architecture, School of  Humanities and  Social Science, and areas reporting to the Vice President of Research
  • Jennifer Kratochwill: School of Engineering
  • Eileen Nielsen
  • Shirley Picardi: Non-academic and student areas
  • Judith Stein
  • Brian Tavares: School of Science and Provost's Office
  • The School Coordinators report jointly to the director of the Management Reporting project and the Assistant Provost. They operate as a team, but will be aligned with one or more Schools, or areas of responsibility. Their role is to:
  • Act as primary liaison between Management Reporting and the DLC’s, CAO, Internal Audit, IS, etc.
  • Serve as consultants to DLC’s, analyzing and recommending changes to local business processes as requested
  • Bring SAP questions, concerns, and business requirements to the attention of Management Reporting
  • Serve as SAP power users

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