HRPD Team Members

The Human Resource Practices Development (HRPD) Project

Project Sponsor: Joan F. Rice, V.P. for Human Resources

The HRPD Core Team

Patricia A. Brady, Project Director, Team Leader
Maureen Bednarek, Personnel Department
Mark Cason-Snow, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, mediation@mit*
Melissa Damon, Personnel Department*
Margaret Ann Gray, Personnel Department (Performance Consulting and Training)
Alyce Johnson, Personnel Department
Peter Narbonne Student Financial Aid Services*
Steven Wade Neiterman, Information Systems*
Barbara Peacock-Coady, School of Engineering
Affiliates:    Daniela Aivazian, Information Systems, Researcher, Analyst*
   Cynthia Vallino, Personnel Department *

The Generic Roles and Competencies Project Team

Mark Cason-Snow, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, mediation@mit, Team Co-Leader
Doris Elsemiller, Mechanical Engineering
Stacey Frangos, Earth and Planetary Sciences
Cristina Gordy, Microsystems Technology Laboratories*
Barbara Peacock-Coady, HRPD, Team Co-Leader
Joanne Sayers, Sloan School of Management
Catherine Taylor, Office of the Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education

The Orientation Project Team

William Cain, Personnel Department
Jim Dezieck, Team Facilitator, Performance Consulting and Training Team
Gillian Emmons, Controllerís Accounting Office
Julie Fresina, Physical Plant, Team Leader
Phyllis King, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Angela Mickunas, Budget and Financial Planning
Erminia Piccinonno, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Maria Raposo, Graduate Education Office

The Performance Consulting and Training Project Team (Personnel Department)

Robin Carleton, Facility Administrator
Francine Crystal, Performance Consultant
Jim Dezieck, Performance Consultant
Margaret Ann Gray, Team Leader
Diana Haladay, Performance Consultant
Ken Hewitt III, Administrative Assistant
Linda Olson, Administrative Assistant
Jeff Pankin, Performance Consultant
Ronnie Beth Rump, Performance Consultant
Michael Taub, Performance Consultant
Susan Ziemba, Instructional Course Designer

The Performance Management Project Team:

Valerie Acquaviva Maio Leaders for Manufacturing*
Gregory Barringer, Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation Department
Lisa Bartolet, Resource Development*
Maureen Bednarek, Personnel Department
Alyce Johnson, HRPD, Team Leader
Stephanie Neal Johnson, Personnel Department*
Kate Kibbee, Information Systems
Peter Narbonne, Student Financial Aid Services*
Lianne Shields, Personnel Department
Eleanor Wolcott, Student Financial Services, Office of the Dean of Students and
                            Undergraduate Education

The Recognition and Rewards Project Team

Chris Bates, Program in Science, Technology and Society
Claude Bellot, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Melissa Damon, HRPD, Team Co-Leader
Lee Ann Day, School of Architecture and Planning
Lisa Feltner, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Kenia Franco, Personnel Department, Team Co-Leader
Sue Mannett, School of Humanities and Social Science
Steve McCluskey, Office of the Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education
Patricia McCosco, Mechanical Engineering
Ellen Stordy, Physical Plant

The Training Policies and Administration Team

Jeanne Cavanaugh, Information Systems, Training and Publications
Christine Cavanna, Information Systems, Finance and Administration
Roni Dudley-Cowans, Division of Bioengineering and Environmental Health, Team Leader
Michele DesAutels, Professional Learning Center *
Diana Haladay, Performance Consulting and Training Team
Jodie Higgins, Center for Real Estate
Laura Lucas, Physical Plant*
Jeff Pankin, Information Systems, Performance Consulting and Training Team
Heather G. Williams, Department of Biology

Research on Project Team Formation

Daniela Aivazian, Information Systems, Researcher, Analyst*

* Term of appointment shorter than full term of the project.

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