About the Reports

The HRPD Team reports contain a series of recommendations for MIT human resource programs and policies. As each report is completed, the Executive Summary will be posted on this web page for the MIT community.  Report Appendices have not been included here, but are available at the check-out desk at the Barker Engineering Library (10-500) for anyone wishing the more detailed information they contain.

It is important to note that the HRPD teams have been charged with developing recommendations about human resource practices changes.  However, implementation of these recommendations is outside of the purview of the HRPD Team which is scheduled to be disbanded in January 1999 after all work has been completed.  However, neither final approval nor funding for implementation of the recommendations has occurred yet.

In developing their recommendations, team members have solicited input broadly from the MIT community to understand key human resource issues within all employee categories and to look for and build upon MIT’s best human resource practices across departments, labs and centers. Consequently, their deliverables to the Vice President of Human Resources will be generally applicable to the Institute. This means that they do not address, specifically, particular requirements of employee groups whose work may be defined by labor contracts, funding agreements or other factors.  Relevant issues of this type will be addressed at the time new practices are implemented.

Production Schedule for the Team Reports

Recognition and Rewards Team  - May, 1998

Orientation Team – July, 1998

Training Policies and Administration Team – July, 1998

Generic Roles and Competencies Team -- January, 1999

Performance Consulting and Training Team – January, 1999

Performance Management Team – January, 1999

HRPD Core Team Final Report – January, 1999