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Selected Books


Career Anchors, c. 1990, by University Associates, Inc.

Career Survival, by Edgar H. Schein, c.1995, by Pfeiffer and Company

Competence at Work, by Lyle M. Spencer and Signe M. Spencer, c. 1993, by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Job Shift, by William Bridges, c. post 1991, by William Bridges & Associates, Inc.

Managing Transitions, by William Bridges, c. 1991, by William Bridges and Associates, Inc.

The Work and Family Revolution, by Barbara Schwarz Vanderkolk and Ardis Armstrong Young, c. 1991,by Barbara Schwarz Vanderkolk and Ardis Armstrong Young

You and Company, by William Bridges, c. post 1991 by William Bridges and Associates, Inc

Orientation Project Team
Recommended Readings

Addams, H. Lon.  "Up to Speed in 90 Days—An Orientation Plan." Personnel Journal (December 1985):35-38.

France, Debra and Robin Jarvis. "Quick Starts for New Employees" Training and Development, (October 1996): 19-22.

Klein, Carol and Jeff Taylor.  "Employee Orientation Is an Ongoing Process at the DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Co."  Personnel Journal, (May 1994.):11-15.

Sloman, Martyn.  "Relating Human Resource Activities to Business Strategy." from The Practice of Human Resource Strategy. ed. Shaun Tyson.. London: Pitman Publishing, 1997.

Starcke, Alice.  "Building a Better Orientation Program." HR Magazine.  (November, 1996): 52-59.

Wehrenberg, Stephen. "Training: Skills and Motivation Divide Training and Orientation." Personnel Journal 68, (May 1989): 111-113

Recognition and Rewards Project Team
Recommended Readings

Belgrad, Ellen and Julie Kohler.  "Breaking Tradition for Recognition."  ACA News, (Oct./Nov. 1994).

Brooks, Susan Sonnesyn.  "Noncash Ways To Compensate Employees."  HR Magazine, (April 1994): 38-43.

Nelson, Bob.  1001 Ways to Reward Employees.  New York: Workman Publishing, 1994.

Ultimate Rewards.  Ed. Steven Kerr.  Boston:  Harvard Business School Publishing, 1997.

Training Policies and Administration Project Team
Recommended Readings

Bassi, Laurie J., George Benson, and Scott Cheney.  "The Top Ten Trends." Training and Development 50-11 (November 1996): 28-42.

Bassi, Laurie J., and Mark E. Van Buren.  "The 1998 ASTD State of the Industry Report." Training and Development 52-1 (January 1998): 21-43.

"Industry Report 1997."  Training  (October, 1997):  34+.

Marsick, Victoria and Karen Watkins.  "A Framework for the Learning Organization."   ASTD Case Studies:  Creating the Learning Organization.  Vol.1 (1997): 3-12.

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