Information for Departmental HR Administrators

To update personal information on behalf of your staff, click on the Update Personal Information link in SAPweb.

If you are a Brio Query user, there are some useful reports you can run to view or audit current information for your area’s employees. Instructions for using these reports are below. If you need assistance, contact the Data Warehouse team at

For any other questions related to the online faculty/staff directory, email and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


The DLC Employee Directory report can be found here. You will need Brio Query installed on your computer for the report to run properly. You will also need to know your Data Warehouse password. (If you don’t remember it, you can reset it here).

Once you’ve downloaded the report, entered your Data Warehouse username and password, and selected your department, you can view any of the following four reports:

Department Directory Report

This lists the personal information currently on record for each of your area’s employees, including home and office addresses and whether they want to include their home address in the directory. Worth a quick scan for typos or anything you recognize as outdated. It also includes the date that employees last viewed their directory information in ESS.

Directory Override Report

This shows how each employee’s Name, Title, and Org Unit are determined. For each, there is default text, override text (optional), and the final directory text. If Directory Title Overrides for any of your employees are incorrect, outdated, or unnecessary, please send a change request to Name overrides can be changed in either ESS or SAPweb by either the employee or you.

NOTE: The Directory Override Report is best viewed in Excel (select File > Export > Section to get it there), but you can also select File > Print Preview to turn off print preview mode and view the full document in Brio.

Invalid or Missing Home Address Report

This shows any employees who do not have valid home addresses in SAP. Please follow up with these employees to make sure their current address gets entered. Otherwise, they may not receive important benefits-related and other materials.

Correction Form for Distribution

If you have employees who are unable or unlikely to use ESS to verify their directory information, this is a paper-based alternative. Print out a form for each person and have them return it to you with any updates. You can then make changes for them using the “Update Personal Information” section of SAPweb.

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