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Equipment Policy

Sound Equipment

Event organizers may bring outside recording and sound equipment into the classroom. You must contact Audio Visual Services to tie into the classroom’s sound system or to access the av booth.

If using outside recording and/or sound equipment that includes, but is not limited to, main speaker arrays, monitor speakers, mixing console, and snakes for connecting the system or have plans to record the program, you must submit a plan for approval to the Schedules Office.


The lighting system in the classroom is all that may be used for your event.  Event organizers cannot bring lighting trees, spotlights or hanging lights into the classroom.  If a program needs to have a more sophisticated lighting scheme, clients will be urged to find a more appropriate venue by contacting CAC/Campus Activities Complex.


Under no circumstances can theatrical staging (e.g. platforms, risers, flats) or hanging materials be brought into the classroom. We recommend the use of easels or a free standing poster system to display information inside the room or at the entrance.

Questions? Write to, or call (617) 253-4788.