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Final Exams Conducted in Non-classroom Venues

Final examinations for many classes are held in non-classroom venues: Walker Gym, the track in the Johnson Athletic Center, the duPont Gym (fall only), and the ice rink in the Johnson Athletic Center (spring only).

Support Provided by the Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office provides tables, chairs, chalk boards (and supplies), and signage. In addition, immediately prior to all exams, a staff member from the Schedules Office is on-site at each venue to set up signage and verify that the physical setup of the room is correct. They will work also with faculty and TAs as needed to address any last-minute questions or problems that arise.

The seating arrangements in Johnson and duPont accommodate two students per table. Walker is equipped with tables that accommodate one student each.

Instructor Responsibilities

Instructors must arrange for any additional equipment that they wish to have at the exam site, and they are responsible for any additional costs that are incurred.

Questions? Write to, or call 617-253-4788