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General rules for examinations are published in Section 2.50 of the Faculty Rules and Regulations.

Detailed guidelines for conducting exams and academic exercises outside scheduled class times are published in Term Regulations. Should an exam scheduled outside normal class time create a conflict for a student with another scheduled academic exercise or extracurricular activity, the student must be allowed to take the exam at another time. (See specific rules for undergraduate students and graduate students.)

Final Examinations

The final examination schedule is posted on the web by the end of the third week of each term. Students are encouraged not to finalize travel plans for the end of the term until after the exam schedule is posted. While faculty may offer conflict exams to accommodate travel plans, they are not required to do so.

The final exam schedule is prepared in accordance with faculty rules. As such, the schedule may not be altered once it is posted. Similarly, any requested exceptions to those rules must be approved by the Chair of the Faculty. The Schedules Office notifies students directly of conflicts for final examinations; the conflict schedule is posted as soon as possible after Drop Date.

Regulations regarding the scheduling of final exams and conducting end-of-term tests and assignments are published in Term Regulations.

Exam and Quiz Schedule for Core Classes

The exam and quiz schedule for classes normally taken by freshmen is prepared by the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programs (UAAP) in consultation with departments and the Schedules Office. The schedule is normally posted about about two weeks before the start of each term.

Advanced Standing Examinations (ASEs)

Students may take an Advanced Standing Examination to earn credit for an MIT subject without taking the subject. These exams may be taken only by students who have never been registered for or attended the class in question; special students are not eligible to take ASEs. This site contains detailed information about when the exams are offered, the petition procedure, and how these exams are graded.