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add drop page (advisors)

Each Add Drop form displays details about the student, a link to email the student, and a link to the Onling Subject Listing. You can also click "View Form History" to see a log of activity for this form. For Freshmen, you may click a link to view your advisee's "Freshman Folder". Click "Show" next to My Notes to add or access notes about the student that only you can see. The "Next Form" and "Previous Form" buttons allow you to navigate through multiple forms.

The Add Drop page for a particular student will display the following sections, which can be shown or hidden by clicking the hide/show buttons:

Current Registration

Displays all subjects for which the student is officially registered. HASS & CI-H category, units, and grading options are shown. Clicking the subject title will open the current MIT Subject Listing.

Projected Registration

Shows all subjects, grading options, units, and HASS & CI-H categories for which the student will be registered if you approve all changes that are currently awaiting your approval. Changes that await instructor approval will NOT be shown here.

Proposed Changes

This displays all changes that require your approval. To submit your decisions, click the drop down menu in the Decision column for each individual subject and select Approve, Deny, or Consult.   Select Consult if you want to speak with the student before making a decision. The comments field is optional, and can be used to send a note to the student that will be included in the notification sent when a decision is submitted.  After inputting a decision for all of the requested changes, click “Submit Decisions”. Note that you may edit a decision you've entered up until the student submits the change to the Registrar.

No change to a student’s registration is final until the student submits the approved changes to the Registrar. Students are advised to be aware of the Add Drop deadlines and give each approver at least 24 hours to enter a decision. 

Pending Instructor Decision

Shows any subjects that await an instructor's approval. The system will determine which changes require instructor approval. If approved by the instructor, these subjects would appear in the Proposed Changes section for your approval.

All Previous Decisions

A listing of the decisions you have already entered on this form.