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Add Drop Help

My Forms Page

The My Forms landing page by default displays a list of all the forms that currently require action. The list shows the status of each form, actions required, and the date and time submitted.

Add Drop Forms That Require Immediate Action

Forms that require immediate action (they are within 72 hours of a deadline) are marked with an asterisk in the Student Name column of the Requires Action list.

Search Options

The My Forms page allows you to search for students by name, Kerberos name, MIT ID, form type and/or Academic Term. Uncheck the "Action Required" box to access forms for which you have previously submitted a decision and/or advisee forms which await instructor approval. Additional search options are available based on role.

Advisors: May limit the search to the students they advise by clicking the "My Advisees" radio button.

Instructors: May limit the search to individual subjects by clicking the "Subjects I Teach" radio button. A drop down menu of the subjects taught will be displayed.

Department Administrators: May limit the search to subjects or students in your department by selecting the "Subjects in my department" or "Students in my department" options.

Those with multiple roles will have a combination of these search options.

Opening Forms

Click the form title (e.g., Add Drop) in the Form Name column to open a student's Add Drop form and begin submitting decisions.