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Add Drop Help

AccessING Add Drop FormS

For the Spring 2014 term, all students will have access to the online Add Drop application. From the My Forms page, you can locate any forms you've previously edited or begin a new form by selecting the "start a new form" option.

The Results section shows the type of form, the status, actions required, and the date and time submitted. The My Forms page defaults to show forms which require an action by students, instructors, and advisors. Uncheck the "Action Required" box to see completed forms.

NOTE: You must be registered for the term in which the change applies in order to begin the Add Drop process.  If you are not registered, the following error message will be displayed when you attempt to create a new Add Drop Form:

“You have not registered for the current term. Go to Online Registration to register.

To resolve this issue, go to the Online Registration application to check the status of your online registration.  If your advisor has not already approved your registration, you will have the option to make your registration changes directly in Online Registration before your registration is approved and submitted.  If your advisor has already approved your registration, your ability to edit your subject selections will be locked.  If you want to make further changes to your registration before submitting it,  you should contact your advisor about having your registration unlocked.  Your advisor will need to reapprove any changes that you enter before you can  submit your registration.