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Add Drop Help

Adding Subjects

Once you have accessed the Add Drop Form, to add a subject, click “Add Subjects” to expand the Add options. Information about term deadlines for Add Drop are provided. Input the following:

Subject Number:  Start typing the subject number you wish to add in the search field to display a drop down list of subjects scheduled in the current term.    Select the subject from the drop down list and click “Add” to display the options for adding the subject.  

Units:  For subjects with variable units, you will be able to edit the units field.  That option will be disabled for subjects with  non-variable units.  The default number of units for variable units subjects is 1.  If you request approval for an incorrect number of units, you will need to request approval again in order to correct the number of units.

Grading Option:  The dropdown list of grading options will display only the valid grading options that you have for that particular subject. 

After inputting the required data, click “Add” to update the Add Drop form.  Click "Save" to preserve your work. You may repeat the steps above to add multiple subjects to your registration.  Subjects added can be removed before you save by clicking the red X. Subjects with a lock are pending approval and cannot be removed here. They can, however, be cancelled on the Status page.

When you have finished editing the Add Drop Form, click “Continue to Approval” to advance to the approval page.  Subjects will not be added to your registration until you have requested approval and submitted the approved changes to the Registrar.