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Add Drop Help

Dropping Subjects

To drop a subject, click “Drop Subjects” on the Add Drop Form to expand the drop options.  You will see a listing of your current registration.  Click the check box in the Drop column for any subject you wish to drop and enter the last date that you attended each dropped class.  Click the “Never” checkbox if you never attended the class.  Click "Save" to preserve your work. When you have finished editing the Add Drop Form, click “Continue to Approval” to advance to the approval page.  Subjects will not be dropped from your registration until you have requested approval and submitted the approved changes to the Registrar.

Full-time Registration: Undergraduate students should be aware that registering for fewer than 36 units (not including Listener or ROTC subjects) is a less than full-time load. Registration load affects financial aid, loan deferments, compliance with immigration regulations, eligibility for varsity athletics, and external health insurance.

Dropping All Subjects: To drop all subjects in the fall and spring terms, you must arrange a Withdrawal rather than using an Add Drop Form.  Graduate students should see their departmental registration officer and undergraduates should see Student Support Services, 5-104.

Record of Dropped Subjects: Dropped subjects never appear on your transcript (external record). Subjects dropped by Add Date do not appear on the internal grade report. Subjects dropped after Add Date appear on the internal grade report with the notation DR. The internal grade report is only accessible on WebSIS to you, your advisor(s) and your academic departmental administrators.