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Add Drop Help

Requesting Approval for Registration Changes

When you have finished editing the Add Drop Form, you will need to request approval and submit the approved changes to the Registrar before any changes to your registration will be made.  To request approval, click “Continue to Approval” at the bottom of the Add Drop Form. The Preview Changes page will then display the following:


Make note of any messages that appear at the top of the Preview Changes page in yellow. There may be important warnings regarding credit limits, etc. You may click "Edit Add Drop form" to make adjustments, but messages will not prevent you from submitting changes.

Pending Changes

Review changes which have been previously submitted for approval here.

Proposed Registration

Shows what your subject list will be if all Pending and Saved Changes are approved.

Saved Changes

This is a listing of registration changes that are waiting to be submitted to your instructor and/or advisor for approval. The option to Link changes so they are approved as a group will be displayed here.

To send your saved changes to the appropriate approver(s), click "Request Approval".  A notification that you have requested approval for registration changes will be sent to the appropriate approver.  If an instructor’s approval is required, the instructor will be notified first and will need to submit a decision before your advisor can do so.  The system will determine which changes require instructor approval. When each decision is submitted, you will receive emailed notifications of your Add Drop Form status.  You must follow the link in the email to return to the Add Drop Form and submit the approved changes to the Registrar before any changes will be applied.