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Add Drop Help

Reviewing the Status of your Add Drop Form

To check the status of an Add Drop Form,  go to My Forms and locate the form in the Results section. The My Forms page defaults to show forms which require an action by students, instructors, and advisors. Uncheck the "Action Required" box to see completed forms. The Results section shows the type of form, the status, actions required, and the date and time submitted. Click the “Add Drop” link in the Form Name column to open the form.  Any registration changes that you have yet to submit to the Registrar will appear under Saved Changes, Approved Changes, Held for Consultation, Pending Changes, or Denied Changes. 

Saved Changes

Lists changes that are saved, but not yet submitted for approval. Click "Continue to approval" if you are ready to submit the changes for approval, or "Edit changes" if you would like to make additional changes before requesting approval.

Approved Changes

These changes have received all of the necessary approvals and are ready to be submitted to the Registrar.  To submit them, click the checkbox near the subject number and then click “Submit to Registrar”.

To cancel any approved registration changes, click the check box near the subject number and then click “Cancel Selected Changes”.  Your registration will not be updated and the proposed change will be removed permanently from the Add Drop Form.

Held For Consultation

Proposed changes under this heading have been placed on hold by your Advisor or Instructor until you are able to consult with them.  See the “Approver” column for the notation of who placed the proposed change on hold and for any comments they may have entered for you.   Contact that person to arrange a consultation.  After consulting with you, the approver will have the opportunity to update the approval status. 

Pending Changes

Registration changes that are pending have not yet been approved by the instructor and/or advisor.  Check the “Approver” column for a notation of who still needs to approve the change.    If the instructor approval is required for the action you are taking, they will need to approve the change first before your advisor.   Contact the instructor and/or advisor if you have any concerns about registration changes that await their approval.

Denied Changes

If an instructor or advisor has denied any changes for which you requested approval, you will not be able to submit those changes to the Registrar and your registration will not be updated.  The instructor or advisor may leave a comment about the denied change which you will be able to see under their name in the Approver column. If you wish to discuss the denied change further, please contact the Instructor or Advisor who denied the change.  If after further discussion, the instructor or advisor decides to approve the change after all, the approver can change the decision entered on the Add Drop Form .  However, if they want to approve a different number of units or a different grading option than what you originally requested, you will need to return to the Add Drop Form and request approval again.

Form History

Clicking the “View Form History” button on the Add Drop Status page will display a full timeline of all registration changes that you’ve submitted in the current term including the dates and times that each action was submitted for approval, approved, and submitted to the Registrar.