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About Students' Individual Records

As a departmental academic administrator, you may access the academic records of your students. The records are presented in the same format as they are to the students (i.e., any reference to "you" refers to the student).

Grade Report

The internal record of subjects and grades for prior terms, includes actual GIR audit based on subjects completed.

Status of Registration

Subject registration for current term, includes projected GIR audit based on current and completed subjects.

Undergraduate Degree Audit

Displays progress towards completion of the Institute requirements; includes current and completed subjects, plus any applied transfer credit.

Student Address

Displays student's term address and term phone, home address and home phone, and email address.


Shows subjects currently selected for upcoming term. Available only during pre-registration periods as follows:

Class Schedule

Available for fall and spring semesters from the end of pre-registration through the beginning of classes. Schedule is based on pre-registration.

Freshman Folder

Contains information about your freshman advisees, including advanced placement credit; transfer credit results for college level math subjects taken elsewhere; results from the Math Diagnostic and Freshman Essay Evaluation (FEE); a Freshman Advising Seminar, or Mission/Terrascope; scores on MIT advanced standing exams taken during orientation.