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For Advisors


Access to the individual academic records of your advisees. See also: general information about students' records, obtaining access to students' records, and guidelines for using students' records.

Online Subject Listing and Schedule

MIT subjects with the current term schedule. The new term schedule is released about one week prior to the opening of pre-registration.

Registration Instructions

Information on Online Registration, registration holds, and late registration.


Procedures and deadlines for adding, dropping, or changing the status of a subject.


Information on grading policies, grade definitions, and GPA calculation.

Exam Schedules and Policies

Information about general examination policies and final exams.

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Information about choosing a major, applying for a double major, and guidelines for a minor program.

Faculty Resources

Visit this site for information on advising and teaching, diversity, governance, reports, research, work/life, and personal resources.

Use of Student Information (FERPA)

Institutional policies on the appropriate uses of student data and educational records. See also: information about data resources and services.