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Access to and Use of Students' Academic Records

A student's academic record may be accessed through WebSIS by a student's undergraduate faculty advisor or graduate registration officer for use in advising the student, monitoring and evaluating the student's academic performance, tracking the student's progress with Institute and departmental requirements, considering the student for scholarships, awards, or prizes, writing letters of recommendation (when the required permission has been obtained), and for similar legitimate educational purposes. For students who have been admitted to degree programs in two MIT departments, the faculty advisor(s) and/or registration officers of both departments may access the student's academic record.

Personally identifiable information from the student's academic record, including photographs, may not be used for other purposes, nor may it be disseminated further without the student's consent, except as appropriate to departmental and Institute committees that monitor and evaluate academic performance. Before posting student information to any website, you should read MIT Policies and Procedures Section 11.3: Privacy of Student Records.