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About Class Lists

Pre-registration Class Lists *

These class lists contain students who have pre-registered for a subject.

Registered Student Class Lists *

Class lists contain students who are registered for a subject, both for academic credit and as listeners, and also indicates students who have dropped the subject. The lists are immediately updated to reflect subject adds and drops once the student submits the approved action.

* Note to Stellar Users: Class membership lists in Stellar are synchronized with WEBSIS class lists every 15 minutes. During any period when the two lists differ, WEBSIS class lists display the most accurate enrollment data.

Prerequisite Reports

These reports contain students who are missing prerequisites or corequisites for a subject. They are available for both pre-registration class lists and registered student class lists.

Prerequisite reports are set up only by request; contact the Catalog Office for more information.

Managing Section Enrollment

Instructional staff for each subject are responsible for managing student enrollment within individual sections (lectures, recitations, labs, etc.). Many instructors utilize Stellar, which provides an option to track student enrollment at the section level. Staff can set enrollment caps and there is an option for student self service. More information is available about starting a Stellar site and using the membership module. Other instructors use local databases or spreadsheets. Section enrollment can also be tracked via the central MITSIS system, but this option is known to be cumbersome and requires involvement of department academic administrators. Interested teaching staff should contact their departmental academic administrator for more information and/or guidance about tracking section level enrollment.

Instructions for Creating Class Lists

  1. Select the Class List term and subject.  
  2. Select the format you want.
    • Report: displays a class list report for review or printing
    • Class List Download: creates a file that can be loaded into a spreadsheet program
    • Class List Email: send an email to some or all students in a class
    • Picture List