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Access to and Use of Class Lists and
Related Records

The instructor-in-charge of each MIT subject offered in a given term has direct WebSIS access prior to, during, and after that term, to class lists and prerequisite reports for that subject. Information from these lists may be shared among other members of the instructional staff for the subject, including TAs and administrators assigned to the subject, and it may be used to fulfill the respective instructional and administrative responsibilities of the staff members.

Administrators who are responsible for class enrollment information in each academic department have direct WebSIS access to the class lists and to related records for subjects that are offered by faculty in that department. They may use the information to fulfill their administrative responsibilities.

Personally identifiable information from class lists and prerequisite reports may not be used for other purposes nor may it be disseminated further, except for appropriate exchanges with other individuals who have the same access privileges. Before posting student information to any website, please review MIT Policies and Procedures Section 11.3: Privacy of Student Records.