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For Catalog & Schedule Coordinators

For Catalog Coordinators For Schedule Coordinators

Creating and Modifying Programs

Guidelines on proposing undergraduate curricular changes.

MIT Program Management

Propose to create, revise, and terminate academic programs.
MIT Program Management Quick Start

(Curricular Information System)

Source system for catalog and for submitting subject proposals for review.

CIS User's Guide

Guide to using the proposal system and the catalog review process.

Catalog Standards

Style guide for transcript titles, descriptions, prerequistes, etc.

Subjects with Digital Content

Supplemental form for proposals involving substantive use of digital content.
For graduate subjects
For undergraduate subjects

Special Subjects

Information and guidelines for using special subject numbers.

Curriculum Committees

Information about undergraduate and graduate review committees.

Glossary of Terms

Catalog terms and definitions.

MIT Bulletin (Course Catalog):

Schedule Tool

Create a report or download a file of subject schedules.

Subject Classroom Planning

Data entry of subjects for term planning


Reserve a classroom for an ad hoc event.

Rules of Use (reservations)

Rules for reserving classrooms for ad hoc events.


Information for departments about exam policies.

Classroom Inventory

Resource for information about classrooms managed by the Registrar.

Event Planning

Resources for event planning.

Renovation and Planning

Information about new and completed renovation projects.

Start of Term

Key dates and information about the start of the new term.