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Create a New Subject

Before proposing a new subject, use the Number Matrix link on the left side of the Subject Proposals homepage to find an available subject number.


  1. On the left-hand side of the page, look for the header Propose a New Subject. Enter the new subject number in the field below, then click Create. This opens a bank proposal form. The top of the form will say "Proposal for New Subject Number [xx.xxx]."

  2. Enter all the information about the subject, including a meaningful rationale for the faculty review committee.

  3. Once you have finished, click Save. Your proposal is now saved as a draft (DF). You can access and edit a draft proposal as much as you like. (All active proposals are accessible from the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the homepage titled View or edit a proposal.)

  4. To edit or submit a draft proposal, return to the display of the current proposal.

  5. Read the display carefully. To continue making changes, return to the proposal form by clicking on Substantial Change or Editorial Change. Revise as necessary and click Save when you are finished.

  6. Once you are certain the display is correct, click Submit for Review.* After submission, the Catalog Office works with the department to prepare the proposal for faculty review.

*You cannot edit a proposal after you have submitted it; however, the Catalog Office will return a proposal to draft upon request.

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