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FAQs about Student Information Policy

What is included in my education records?

Education records include most tangible materials, including computer records, maintained by MIT that relate directly to an identifiable student currently or formerly enrolled at MIT. These include admissisons records, grades, most course work, exams, UROP records, disciplinary records, and financial aid records, as well as gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, and identification photographs.

Education records do not include "directory information" or those records of Institute faculty and staff that are made for, and restricted to, their personal use.

Other kinds of information, such as medical and law enforcement records, are also excluded from the definition of education records.

How can I make a request to inspect my education records?

You have the right to review your education records within 45 days after submitting a written request to the department or unit that maintains the records, to the Registrar, to the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education, 7-133, or to the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, 3-138, identifying the records you wish to inspect.

The appropriate MIT official will make arrangements for access and notify you of the time and place where the records may be inspected. If the records are not maintained by the MIT official to whom the request was submitted, that official shall advise you of the correct official to whom the request should be addressed.

The right to access includes the right to obtain copies. The right does not, however, extend to portions of your education record that relate to other identifiable students.

Where are my education records stored?

MIT records are kept by individual offices. Here is a list of potential offices for you to contact regarding your education records.

Record Type Location


Registrar's Office, E34-400

Departmental Records

Departmental Records are kept within each department.


Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP), 7-104


  • Housing Office, W59-200
  • FSILGs, W20-549


Self-service library tool called Your Account; records are purged within seven days of the return of items unless there are outstanding fines.


Admissions Office, 3-108


Office of Student Citizenship, W20-507

MIT Card

Card Services, W20-021 (See privacy policy.)


Athena User Accounts, E17-110

Financial Aid

Student Financial Services, 11-320

What if I find an error in one of my records?

You have the right to request the amendment of information in your education records that you believe is inaccurate or misleading. Such a request may be made to the custodian of the record, to the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education, or to the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education and should clearly identify the part of the record you want changed, and state why it is inaccurate or misleading.

If the requested amendment is not made, MIT will notify you of this decision and that you have the right to a hearing concerning the requested amendment. Additional information on the hearing procedures will be provided to you when you are notified of the right to a hearing.

If the correction is not made as a result of the hearing, you may include your own statement in the record. Because grades and evaluations are the result of academic judgment, they are not subject to this type of challenge.

My department wants to display each student’s picture, year, and term address on the department’s web page. Only people within the department have access to the web site. Is this okay?

Your department must obtain permission from each student in order to post his or her personal information on any web site, whether open or limited. You have the right to suppress directory and other personal information from community or public distribution.

What happens if I suppress my dates of attendance and/or degrees received?

Your dates of attendance and degrees received do not appear in the MIT online or printed directory and are released only in response to inquiries about a specific individual. These inquiries are often the result of an application you submitted – for a job, a credit card, an insurance policy, or apartment rental.

If you suppress your enrollment and degree information, MIT will not verify that information when an inquiry is received. This means if a potential employer, credit card or insurance company, or landlord contacts MIT no information about your dates of attendance or degrees received will be disclosed. This may delay the processing of the application by the third party.

To have your dates of attendance and degree information released you will have to provide written consent to the Registrar’s Office, E34-400. Suppression of your directory information continues even after you graduate and leave MIT. Your request remains in effect until you rescind it in writing. See procedure for suppressing information for more details.