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Resources for Student Data

Many general questions about the Institute and its students can be answered by reviewing reports that are available on the Web. The primary providers are as follows.

Registrar's Office

As the official custodian of academic and biographical student data, the Registrar publishes official enrollment and degree statistics each year. In addition, the Registrar's Office also provides data services, including mailing labels and custom reports, upon request. For more information, write to

Institutional Research (Office of the Provost)

IR provides analytical and research support to the Provost, academic departments, research laboratories, and centers. Among the information the Office publishes on its website are student data, faculty and staff data, awards and honors, financial data, and the Institute's Common Data Set.

Data Warehouse (IS&T)

The data warehouse is the Institute's official repository of data from a variety of sources, including the student information system (MITSIS). See the IS&T website for details on how to gain access to data, software tools for retrieving and analyzing data, and standard reports (including student reports) that are available. For more information, write to