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General Information about Examinations

General Exam Policies

Important note: Should an exam scheduled outside normal class time create a conflict for a student with another scheduled academic exercise or extracurricular activity, the student must be allowed to take the exam at another time. (See specific rules for undergraduate students and graduate students.)

About Final Exams

Section 2.11 of Rules and Regulations of the Faculty mandate a 5-day final examination period at the end of the fall and spring terms. The principles around which the exam schedule is built are as follows:

The Schedules Office contacts departments well in advance of each term to verify whether an exam will be offered for a subject and how long the exam will be. As part of the process, faculty may indicate where they prefer to conduct their exams, keeping in mind that many final exams are held in athletic facilities to accommodate large numbers of students. (Information about non-classroom exam venues is available elsewhere on this site.)

The Schedules Office will not approve any requests for scheduling exams that conflict with standing faculty rules. However, faculty may request exceptions to the rules under extraordinary circumstances. All exceptions must be approved by the Chair of the Faculty before the final exam schedule is posted (during the third week of the fall and spring terms). In accordance with provisions in the end-of-term regulations, final examinations may not be canceled once they are announced, and the time of a final examination may not be changed after the schedule is published. Contact the Schedules Office with any questions you may have.

The Schedules Office notifies students directly of conflicts for final examinations; the conflict schedule is posted as soon as possible after Drop Date. Faculty may, but are not required to, provide conflict examinations to accommodate students' travel plans at the end of the term.

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Questions? Contact the Schedules Office, 5-115, at; (617) 253-4788.