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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I start?
What is online registration?
When can students and advisors access registration?
I am enrolled in more than one major or program.  Who should I visit to sign my registration?
Do the student and advisor / registration officer have to meet in person?
What is a digital signature?
Why is there a hold on a student’s registration?
Can a student register with a hold?
How can a hold be removed?
Where can I get help?


What is Touchstone?
How do I use Touchstone?
Which account provider should I choose?
Why doesn't Touchstone give me the option of using my certificate or kerberos credentials?
I inadvertently clicked the “Remember selection permanently, skip this page from now on” option and now I cannot get back to the Touchstone page.  What do I do?

Online Registration Form

Will I have to enter all of my pre-registration selections onto the form?
One or more of my pre-registration selections is not included in the list of subject selections.  What happened?
The subject I’m trying to add is not included in the list of available subjects.  How can I add it?
Can I cross-register for non-MIT subjects on this form?
What is a grading option?
How can I designate a course as Exploratory?
How can I designate a course Jr/Sr PDF or Grad PDF?
Can I change the number of units for a subject?
Will my WEBSIS schedule change when I add or delete subjects on the online form?
What is a credit limit warning? 
Can I register for a greater number of units than my credit limit?
Are pre-requisites and co-requisites enforced?
Why are my subject selections locked?
How can subject selections be changed after they have been approved by an advisor?


My advisor has approved my subject selections – am I all set?
Why do I have to provide address and emergency contact information?
Why do I have to agree to the terms of registration?


I do not see one or more of my advisees on my landing page.  Who do I contact?
How can I email my advisees?
Can I make changes to a Registration Form that I have approved?
Can I approve student registrations online rather than meeting with my advisees?
Does the student have to go somewhere to submit registration?