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Will I have to enter all of my pre-registration selections onto the form?
Students who pre-registered for a term will see their pre-registration subject selections when their Registration Form is accessed.  First term, first year students who were assigned to an advising seminar will see the seminar on their Registration Form. All other students who did not pre-register will start with a registration form that is “blank”, or which contains zero subjects.  The Advisor or Student can then add, delete or modify the selections.

One or more of my pre-registration selections is not included in the list of subject selections.  What happened?
If a subject that was marked as being “offered” during pre-registration is subsequently cancelled prior to registration, it will be removed from the list of selections on the Registration Form.  Further, a note will appear in the “messages” window which notes the subject(s) that were removed.

The subject I’m trying to add is not included in the list of available subjects.  How can I add it?
Only subjects that are designated as being offered for the term can be added to a registration form.  If a subject does not appear in the drop down list of available subjects (in the Add Subjects box), then it is not being offered for the term.  If the student and/or advisor believes that the subject is being offered, the department that hosts the subject should be contacted.  A Department Administrator will need to complete some steps before the subject is displayed.  Another option is to submit the registration without the subject and subsequently add the subject at a later date.

Can I cross-register for non-MIT subjects on this form?
No, you cannot add subjects from other schools.  If a student intends to cross-register, nothing needs to happen in online registration.  Rather, the student  should review our cross registration procedures.

What is a grading option?
The “grading option” field is used to designate a subject as listener, exploratory (for sophomores only), JR/SR P/D/F, or Graduate P/D/F.  The options that appear for any one subject are determined by the grading mode of the subject in combination with the attributes of the student.  Thus, a Junior registering for a Pass/Fail subject will only have grading options of “Regular” or “Listener”.  But for a traditional A-F subject, the student will also have the JR/SR P/D/F option.

How can I designate a course as Exploratory?
When a subject is being added to a registration form, one of the fields is “grading option”.  Sophomores can choose the “exploratory” option.  Alternatively, if a subject is already in the list of subject selections, the grading mode can be changed to “exploratory”.

Note: Only one subject per term can be designated “exploratory”.  If multiple subjects are designated as exploratory on the registration form, an error will be generated that prevents advisor approval until a modification is made.

How can I designate a course Jr/Sr PDF or Grad PDF?
When a subject is being added to a registration form, one of the fields is “grading option”.  Juniors and Seniors can choose the “JR/SR P/D/F” option, while graduate students can choose Grad P/D/F.  Alternatively, if a subject is already in the list of subject selections, the grading mode can be changed to the relevant "P/D/F” option.

Note:  A student can take no more than two JR/SR P/D/F subjects during their Junior and Senior years.  If at least one subject is designated JR/SR P/D/F for a student, they system will validate that the student is eligible to choose that grading mode.  If the student exceeds the two subject limit, the system will generate an error and prohibit approval by the advisor until a modification is made.

Can I change the number of units for a subject?
When a subject with variable units is added to the registration form, one of the editable fields is units.  The default number of units is “1” and the number entered has to be within the 1-99 range.  Alternatively, if a subject is already in the list of subject selections, the units field can be edited.

Note: Units in fixed unit subjects are locked and cannot be modified.

Will my WEBSIS schedule change when I add or delete subjects on the online form?
No, the class schedule that appears on WEBSIS will not change based on registration form subject selections.  The schedule that is posted on WEBSIS is a one-time snapshot.  Any changes made after that snapshot will need to be managed by the students and/or advisor.  Questions about section changes and/or assignments should be directed to the lecturer of the subject(s).

What is a credit limit warning? 
Credit limits apply to students for various reasons.  For example, all first term first year students incur a credit limit.  Most second term first year students also have a credit limit.  Other students may have an Academic Warning or Communications Requirement Warning from the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP).  Online registration will not block students from registering above an existing credit limit.  However, the form will provide messaging when a credit limit is exceeded to assist the student and advisor in developing plans for the term.

Note: Credit limits will be enforced as Add Date approaches.  Thus, if an advisor and student approve and submit a registration form which exceeds the credit limit, they should be prepared to drop units by Add Date.

Can I register for a greater number of units than my credit limit?
Yes.  Exceeding a credit limit will not block submission of a registration form.

Are pre-requisites and co-requisites enforced?
No, pre-requisites and co-requisites are not enforced.  However, clicking on the subject number or title will bring the user to the Online Subject Listing which displays pre- and co-requisites.

Why are my subject selections locked?
When an advisor approves subject selections, they become locked.   The application was built with the assumption that the student and advisor have met and agreed upon subject selections before approval is granted. 

How can subject selections be changed after they have been approved by an advisor?
Most changes can be made using the add/drop process. However, if a form is in an "approved" state, the advisor can revert his/her approval by visiting the student's Registration Summary page a clicking the "Unlock Selections" button. Registration forms that are in "submitted" status cannot be changed - at that point the add/drop process should be utilized.